CERN Archives

The CERN Archives is a repository for historical records about all aspects of CERN's activities, from the creation of CERN until the present day. If you would like more information, please see our pages about the Archives. Information is also available about the history of CERN along with a selection of historical images from this month... The Web Archives gives access to earlier versions of CERN's public web pages.

The CERN Archives database is freely accessible; however, not all items listed in it are available for public consultation (see the rules for access). Full texts are available for many items in the Wolfgang Pauli Archive, but there is generally no on-line access to documents in the main CERN Archives (many CERN scientific reports are available via the CERN Library database). To request a document or for any other assistance please contact @email - we would be happy to help

To find a document

There are two main ways to search the Archives:

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18 March, 2024