All CERN users and staff members that are involved in scholarly communication are encouraged to get and ORCiD. ORCiDs are not issued by CERN, but it is very easy and quick to register your own ORCID today for free. You just have to register your unique iD and you are ready to go!

After registering you can manage all your information on your personal record page. You can add as many details as you want and set the level of privacy you desire for the information you enter (public, limited, or private). By default, the status is “private”, however, in order to make the best use of ORCiD, we recommend you ensure that at least the basic information is made visible on your profile.

You can use your ORCiD credentials to create an author profile on INSPIRE, where you can export your publications from INSPIRE to ORCiD (for more information, please follow the INSPIRE blog).

More information about ORCiD on Persistent identifiers for people

Last modified
28 April, 2020