The CERN Experimental Programme

SC programme
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PS Programme
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 - C* : Serpukhov
 - E* : Emulsion
 - K* : Nuclear Chemistry
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 - P* : Electronics
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 - S* : Counter
 - T* : Bubble chambers
 - W* : Wilson chamber
 - X* : Ecole Polytechnique 

ISOLDE Programme
  - IS10   to IS270 
  - IS300 to IS399
  - IS400 to IS499
  - IS500 to IS599
  - IS600 to IS699
  - IS700 to IS*

ISR Programme
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SPS Programme

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  -  EMU* 
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LEP Programme
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  -  L3
  -  OPAL

LHC Programme
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 -  LHCb
 -  LHCf
 -  LHC Computing Grid
 -  MOeDAL

RD Programme
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  -  DRD*

Neutrino Research Programme
  -  ICARUS 
  -  ProtoDUNE 
  -  ProtonDUNE-SP
  -  Baby MIND
  -  ND280


SC Programme

The proposals for the experiments of SC programme were evaluated by the Physics III Committee (1961-1976), the SC Committee (SCC) (1976-1977), and the PSC Committee (PSCC) (1978-1990). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Nuclear Physics Research Committee (NPRC) (1961-1975) and the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
SC2A CERN-PH-III-67-43 Nuclear excitation and isomer shifts in muonic atoms - SC2A Publications
SC4A CERN-PH-III-68-6 Reaction cross-sections for cosmic-ray problems - SC4A Publications
SC5 CERN-PH-III-68-17 SC5 Experiment - SC5 Publications
SC9 CERN-PH-III-72-46 Beam dosimetry and Radiobiology - SC9 Publications
SC11 CERN-PH-III-67-33 $\pi$-mesic X rays - SC11 Publications
SC16 CERN-PH-III-67-41 Partial capture rates for muon and pion in light nuclei - SC16 Publications
SC19b CERN-PH-III-71-3 $\pi^{-}$ p -> $\gamma$ n and $\pi^{-}$ p -> $\pi^{0}$ n cross section measurements in the region of the (3,3) resonance - SC19b Publications
SC21 CERN-PH-III-74-48 Measurement of the 2S$_{1/2}$-2P$_{3/2}$ Energy Difference in the ($\mu^{4}$He)$^{+}$ Muonic Ion by Means of a Tunable Dye Laser SC21 Greybook SC21 Publications
SC50 CERN-PH-III-73-18 Nuclear Cross-Sections of Cosmic Ray Interest SC50 Greybook SC50 Publications
SC52 CERN-PH-III-74-21 Measurements of Average Energies, Forward Momenta and Anisotropies of Specific Fission Products from Fission of Lead induced by 600 MeV protons SC52 Greybook SC52 Publications
SC53 CERN-PH-III-74-12 Study of products of Binary Fission in Disintegrations of U, Pb. Pr, Ag, Sr and Cu by 600 MeV Protons SC53 Greybook SC53 Publications
SC55 CERN-PH-III-71-22 A Study of Particle Emission induced in the Absorption of Stopped $\pi^{-}$ in $^{16}$O and other p-Shell Nuclei SC55 Greybook SC55 Publications
SC57 CERN-PH-III-74-11 Hadron Radiobiology : Investigation of the Inhibition of ten days Growth of Vicia Faba Roots after Exposure in the 600 MeV Neutron Beam from SC2 Hadron Radiobiology : Investigation of the Inhibition of ten days'Grown of Vicia Faba Roots after Exposure in the 600 MeV Neutron Beam from SC2 SC57 Greybook SC57 Publications
SC58 CERN-PH-III-74-21 Production of Sodium-24 from Uranium at Intermediate and Low Proton Energies SC58 Greybook SC58 Publications
SC59 CERN-PH-III-74-36 Precision Measurement of the Partial Muon Capture Rate 6Li - 6He SC59 Greybook SC59 Publications
SC60 CERN-PH-III-74-37 Search for a New Mode of Capture in Nuclei: $\pi^{-}$ + A $\rightarrow$ B + 2$\gamma$ SC60 Greybook SC60 Publications
SC63 CERN-PH-III-74-50 Elastic Scattering of $\mu$p and $\mu$d Muonic Atoms against Protons and Deuterons SC63 Greybook SC63 Publications
SC64 CERN-PH-III-75-2 Tests for Fast Separations of Nuclear Reaction Products SC64 Greybook SC64 Publications
SC65 CERN-PH-III-75-7 Local Magnetic Fields in Ferromagnetics Studied by Positive Muon Precession SC65 Greybook SC65 Publications
SC66 74-57 Installation of the OMICRON Spectrometer SC66 Greybook SC66 Publications
Pion Absorption on Nuclei SC67 Greybook SC67 Publications
SC68 CERN-PH-III-75-12 Muonic Chemistry in Condensed Matter SC68 Greybook SC68 Publications
SC69 CERN-PH-III-75-14 Study of the Muonic and Pionic X-ray cascades in H$_{2}$, D$_{2}$ and $^{4}$He SC69 Greybook SC69 Publications
SC70 CERN-SCC-76-1 Studies of Fission of Heavy Nuclei Induced by Muons SC70 Greybook SC70 Publications
SC71 CERN-SCC-76-11 Study of the Absorption of $\pi^{-}$ at Rest in $^{4}$He, $^{9}$Be, $^{12}$C, $^{14}$N SC71 Greybook SC71 Publications
SC72 CERN-SCC-76-16 Further Studies of Lens Opacification in Mice after Exposure to 600 MeV Neutrons SC72 Greybook SC72 Publications
SC73 CERN-SCC-77-4 pi Backward Scattering on nuclei SC73 Greybook SC73 Publications
SC74 CERN-SCC-77-9 Measurement of the Population and Lifetime of the 2S State in Muonic Hydrogen SC74 Greybook SC74 Publications
SC75 CERN-SCC-77-19 Search for $\pi^{\pm}$ and K$^{+}$ Mesons with the $^{3}$He Beam at the CERN SC SC75 Greybook SC75 Publications
SC76 CERN-SCC-77-20 Impurity Trapping of Positive Muons in Metals SC76 Greybook SC76 Publications
SC77 CERN-SCC-77-28 A Determination of the Branching Ratio for the Decay pi0 to e+e- SC77 Greybook SC77 Publications
SC78 CERN-SCC-77-26 Radiobiological Experiments using the SC 600 MeV Neutron Beam SC78 Greybook SC78 Publications
SC79 SCC-P-3 Studies of Binary Fission of Light Nuclei Induced by 600 MeV Protons SC79 Greybook SC79 Publications
SC80 SCC-P-4 Measurement of the Quadrupole Moment in 185Re and 187Re from Pionic and Muonic X-Rays SC80 Greybook SC80 Publications
SC81 PSCC-P-4 Formation and Interaction of Muonium in Insulators and Semiconductors SC81 Greybook SC81 Publications
SC82 CERN-PSCC-78-28 mu SR in Organic and Free Radical Chemistry SC82 Greybook SC82 Publications
SC83 PSCC-P-1 Study of the Particle Production in $^{12}$C Induced Heavy Ion Reactions at 86 MeV/N SC83 Greybook SC83 Publications
SC84 PSC-P-5 Use of 12C Projectiles at Energies up to 86 MeV/N for Studying the Dissipative Phenomena in Nuclear Collisions SC84 Greybook SC84 Publications
SC85 PSCC-P-6 Element Distribution and Multiplicity of Heavy Fragments SC85 Greybook SC85 Publications
SC86 PSCC-P-7 Study of Nuclear Collisions of 86 MeV/a.m.u. $^{12}$C with Heavy Targets by Collection of the Heavy Recoil Nuclei SC86 Greybook SC86 Publications
SC87 PSCC-P-12 Study of Target Fragmentation in the Interaction of 86 MeV/A $^{12}$Carbon with Tantalum, Bismuth and Uranium SC87 Greybook SC87 Publications
SC88 PSCC-P-13 Study of Reaction Mechanism in the Interaction 86 MeV/A $^{12}$C with Heavy Targets SC88 Greybook SC88 Publications
SC89 PSCC-P-42 On-line Mass Spectrometric Study of Heavy-Ion Induced Reactions at Energies up to 86 MeV/amu SC89 Greybook SC89 Publications
SC90 PSCC-P-22 Study of the Pion Production Mechanisms in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN SC using the Omicron Spectrometer SC90 Greybook SC90 Publications
SC91 PSCC-P-43 Measurement of Total Reaction Cross-sections with Heavy Ions at the SC SC91 Greybook SC91 Publications
SC92 PSCC-P-48 Subthreshold Production of Neutral Pions in Heavy Ion Collisions SC92 Greybook SC92 Publications
SC93 PSCC-P-46 $\mu$SR-Measurements under High Pressure and at Low Temperatures SC93 Greybook SC93 Publications
SC94 PSCC-P-32 Study of the Production of Single Pions in Pion-proton Collisions near Threshold SC94 Greybook SC94 Publications
SC95 PSCC-P-61 Muons and Muonium in Molecular Physics SC95 Greybook SC95 Publications
SC96 PSCC-P-65 600 MeV Simulation of the Production of Cosmogenic Nuclides in Meteorites by Galactic Protons SC96 Greybook SC96 Publications
SC97 PSCC-P-96 Hydrogen Mobility in Disordered Metals Studied by $\mu$SR SC97 Greybook SC97 Publications
SC98 PSCC-P-116 Production of $^{18}$Fluorine at the CERN SC SC98 Greybook SC98 Publications


PS Programme - Antiproton Decelerator (AD) Experiments

The proposals for the AD experiments of PS programme were evaluated by the the SPS+LEAR Committee (SPSLC) (1991-1996) and SPS Committee (SPSC) (1997-Today). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
AD-1 SPSLC-P-302

Antihydrogen Production and Precision Experiments - The ATHENA Collaboration AD-1 Greybook AD-1 Publications
AD-2 SPSLC-P-306

Cold Antihydrogen for Precise Laser Spectroscopy AD-2 Greybook AD-2 Publications
AD-3 SPSC-P-307

Atomic Spectroscopy and Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons - The  ASACUSA Collaboration AD-3 Greybook AD-3 Publications
AD-4 SPSC-P-324

Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation AD-4 Greybook AD-4 Publications
AD-5 SPSC-P-325

Antihydrogen Laser PHysics Apparatus - The ALPHA Collaboration AD-5 Greybook AD-5 Publications
AD-6 SPSC-P-334

Antihydrogen Experiment Gravity Interferometry Spectroscopy - The AEGIS Collaboration AD-6 Greybook AD-6 Publications
AD-7 SPSC-P-342

Gravitational Behavour of Antihydrogen at Rest - GBAR AD-7 Greybook AD-7 Publications
AD-8 SPSC-P-363

Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment AD-8 Greybook AD-8 Publications
AD-9 SPSC-P-361

Antiprotons and radioactive nuclei AD-9 Greybook AD-9 Publications




PS Programme - C* experiments for Serpukhov experiments

The proposals for the C* experiments of PS programme were evaluated by the Physics I Committee (1961-1976). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Nuclear Physics Research Committee (NPRC) (1961-1975) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment CDS
C1 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-50 First collaborative electronic experiment
Collaboration: Allaby et al.
CERN-NPRC-70 C1 Publications
A missing-mass spectrometer (S90 experiment)
Collaboration: Boson Spectrometer
C2 Publications
C3 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-41
Measurement of neutron-proton charge exchange scattering from 8 to 25 GeV and from 20 to 70 GeV (S108 experiment)
Collaboration: CERN-Karlsruhe
C3 Publications
C4 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-52
Reaction $\pi^{-}p -> \pi^{0}$ n at Serpukhov energies
Collaboration: karlsruhe-Pisa-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-102 C4 Publications
C5 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-32 Study of the coherent 3$\pi$, 5$\pi$ and K$\pi \pi$ production on nuclei at the Serpukhov accelerator
Collaboration: JINR-Bologna-Milano-trieste-Warsaw
CERN-NPRC-120 C5 Publications



PS Programme - W* experiments - Wilson Chamber
Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment / Greybook CDS
  W1 Publications
W2/S10   Branching rations for $K^{0}_{2}$ decay
Collaboration: ETH Zurich - Cloud Chamber group
S10 Greybook W2 Publications



PS Programme - Emulsion Experiments
1960 - 1965

The proposals for the emulsion experiments of PS programme were evaluated by the EmC. Their recommendations were transmitted to the Nuclear Physics Research Committee (NPRC) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment / Greybook CDS
E1   "Z-law". Experiment for the study of the fission of heavy nuclei by slow pions in loaded emulsions.
Collaboration: Rome
E2   Proton exposure in pulsed magnet
Collaboration: CERN-Lausanne-Bristol
E3   Pion exposure
Collaboration: Stockholm
E4   Momentum distribution of nucleons
Collaboration: Durham
E5   Proton beam exposure
Collaboration: Copenhagen
E6   Test of pulsed magnet
Collaboration: CERN + others
E7   Search for monopole
Collaboration: CERN-Rome-Berkeley
E8a   Experiment in low energy $\pi$    
E8b   Experiment in high energy $\pi$. $\pi$-exposures    
E11 CERN-EmC-62-C Measurement of magnetic moment of $\Lambda^{0}$   E11 Publications
E24 CERN-EmC-61-11
Experiments with low energy and stopped $K^{+-}$ -mesons   E24 Publications
E24 CERN-EmC-61-11
Experiments with low energy and stopped $K^{+-}$ -mesons   E24 Publications
E26 CERN-EmC-61-11 Search for mass 1500 m particules (parasitic exposure on E24)   E26 Publications
E27 CERN-EmC-61-11 Absorption of $K^{-}$ mesons at rest in Li$^{6}$ loaded nuclear emulsions   E27 Publications
E28 CERN-EmC-61-11 Study $K^{-}$ captures in Li$^{6}$ and Li$^{7}$   E28 Publications
E29 CERN-EmC-61-11 Experiment with 600 MeV/c $K^{-}$ -mesons in emulsions. The $K^{-}$ -mesons as a probe particle : the momentum distribution of protons in the nucleus   E29 Publications
E30 CERN-EmC-61-11 Emulsion exposure to a separated low energy (350 MeV/c) K$^{+}$ beam with the purpose of measuring the energy spectrum of the $\pi^{+}$ in the decay $K^{+}\rightarrow \pi^{+}+\pi^{0}+\pi^{+}$   E30 Publications
E31 CERN-EmC-61-11 Experiment to study hypernuclei (1.5 GeV/c $K^{-}$ beam   E31 Publications
E32 CERN-EmC-61-11 Emulsion exposure to the separated highenergy $K^{-}$ -beam (1.5-2 GeV/c)   E32 Publications
E33 CERN-EmC-61-11 Experiment in a $K^{-}$ -beam using the pulsed magnet   E33 Publications
E34 CERN-Emc-61-11 Experiment in a $K^{-}$ and $\overline{p}$ beams   E34 Publications
E35 CERN-EmC-61-11 Experiment to look for $\Xi^{-}$ captures in emulsions, using a $K^{-}$ or $\overline{p}$ beam of energy above 2 GeV/c to produce $\Xi^{-}$ the particles   E35 Publications
E36 CERN-EmC-61-11 Emulsion experiment with high-energy (3 GeV/c) antiprotons   E36 Publications
E37 CERN-EmC-61-11 Request for the exposure of an emulsion stack to 3-4 GeV/c $\overline{p}$-beam from CERN PS in 1962   E37 Publications
E38 CERN-EmC-61-11 Emulsion experiments requiring mas-separated K and $\overline{p}$ beams. Production of pairs of pions by K-mesons. Small-angle scattering of K-mesons and antiprotons   E38 Publications
E39 CERN-EmC-61-11-ADD-1 Experiment using 1.5 GeV/c $K^{-}$ -mesons in emulsion   E39 Publications
E40 CERN-EmC-61-11-ADD-1 Request for an exposure in a slow $K^{-}$ beam using a pulsed magnetic field   E40 Publications
E41 CERN-EmC-62-4
Elactic and inelastic small angle proton-proton scattering   E41 Publications
E42 CERN-EmC-63-1
Experiment to study the energy loss and the trapping of $\Lambda^{0}$ hyperons in nuclear matter   E42 Publications
E43 CERN-EmC-63-14 -   E43 Publications
E44 CERN-EmC-62-17 -   E44 Publications
E45 CERN-EmC-62-44
-   E45 Publications
E46 CERN-EmC-63-12 Proton-proton scattering at very small angles and meson production in peripheral colisions at 25 GeV   E46 Publications
E47 CERN-EmC-63-4 Measurement of small angles proton-proton scattering by detection in nuclear emulsion of the recoil proton   E47 Publications
E48 CERN-EmC-63-15 Study of structures in the distribution of particles from proton-nucleon collisions at different primary energies   E48 Publications
E49 CERN-EmC- -   E49 Publications
E50 CERN-EmC- -   E50 Publications
E51 EmC Proposal $\xi$ produced by 1.5 GeV/c K-.Strength of the $\delta - \delta$ interaction by observation of the decays of double hyperfragments E51 Greybook E51 Publications


Study of heavy fragments emitted in the interactions of 12 GeV protons with complex nuclei E52 Greybook E52 Publications
E53 EmC-64-5
Separation of \xi particles by means of a pulsed field E53 Greybook E53 Publications
E54 EmC-63-1 Exposures to K- mesons with momenta above 10 GeV/c E54 Greybook E54 Publications
E55 EmC-64-17
Hyperfragment studies E55 Greybook E55 Publications
E55a EmC-64-21
Stopping K- for hyperfragment studies with loaded emulsion E55a Greybook E55a Publications
E56 EmC-64-19
Fission studies with mica detectors E56 Greybook E56 Publications
E57 EmC-64-3
Study of double hyper fragments produced in \Xi capture events in emulsion E57 Greybook E57 Publications
E58 EmC-65-8 Precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the $\Lambda^{0}$ E58 Greybook E58 Publications



PS and SC Programme - Nuclear Chemistry experiments - K* experiments
Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment CDS
Nuclear Chemistry irradiations
Collaboration: CERN-Bordeaux-Darmstadt-Marbug-Oslo
- Publications
K1   Spalliation -  
K2   Modification of K- beam -  
K3     -  
K4   $Al^{27} \rightarrow Na^{27}$ cross section -  
K5   Stopped $K^{+}$ run in CERN HLC 100
Collaboration: UC London - Berkeley-Wisconsin




PS Programme - neutronTime-of-Flight (nTOF) Experiments

The proposals for experiments on the nTOF facility were evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1997-Today) then the ISOLDE & n_TOF Committee (INTC) (1999-Today). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
nTOF1 SPSC-P-310 European Collaboration for High-Resolution Measurements of Neutron Cross Sections between 1 MeV and 250 MeV nTOF1 Greybook nTOF1 Publications
nTOF2 INTC-P-123 Determination of the Neutron Fluence, the Beam Characteristics and the Backgrounds at the CERN-PS TOF Facility nTOF2 Greybook nTOF2 Publications
nTOF3 INTC-P-124 The importance of $^{22}$Ne($\alpha$, n)$^{25}$Mg as s-process neutron source and the s-process thermometer $^{151}$Sm nTOF3 Greybook nTOF3 Publications
nTOF4 INTC-P-125 The Re/Os Clock Revisited nTOF4 Greybook nTOF4 Publications
nTOF5 INTC-P-142 Neutron Cross Sections for the Pb Isotopes: Implications for ADS and Nucleosynthesis nTOF5 Greybook nTOF5 Publications
nTOF6 INTC-P-145 Measurements of Fission Cross Sections for the Isotopes relevant to the Thorium Fuel Cycle nTOF6 Greybook nTOF6 Publications
nTOF7 INTC-P-154 Measurement of the Neutron Capture Cross Sections of $^{232}$Th, $^{231}$Pa, $^{234}$U and $^{236}$U nTOF7 Greybook nTOF7 Publications
nTOF8 INTC-P-163 Neutron Capture Cross Sections of Zr and La: Probing Neutron Exposure and Neutron Flux in Red Giant Stars nTOF8 Greybook nTOF8 Publications
nTOF9 INTC-P-177 Measurements of Fission Cross Sections of Actinides nTOF9 Greybook nTOF9 Publications
nTOF10 INTC-P-182 Measurement of the Neutron Capture Cross Sections of $^{233}$U, $^{237}$Np, $^{240,242}$Pu, $^{241,243}$Am and $^{245}$Cm with a Total Absorption Calorimeter at n_TOF nTOF10 Greybook nTOF10 Publications
nTOF11 INTC-P-186 Studies of a Target System for a 4-MW, 24-GeV Proton Beam nTOF11 Greybook nTOF11 Publications
nTOF12 INTC-P-249 n_TOF New target commissioning and beam characterization nTOF12 Greybook nTOF12 Publications
nTOF13 INTC-P-208 The role of Fe and Ni for s-process nucleosynthesis in the early Universe and for innovative nuclear technologies nTOF13 Greybook nTOF13 Publications
nTOF14 INTC-P-209 Angular distributions in the neutron-induced fission of actinides nTOF14 Greybook nTOF14 Publications
nTOF15 INTC-P-269 Neutron capture cross section measurements of $^{238}$U, $^{241}$Am and $^{243}$Am at n_TOF nTOF15 Greybook nTOF15 Publications
nTOF16 INTC-P-280 Measurement of the fission cross-section of $^{240}$Pu and $^{242}$Pu at CERN's n_TOF Facility nTOF16 Greybook nTOF16 Publications
nTOF17 INTC-P-283 The neutron capture cross section of the ${s}$-process branch point isotope $^{63}$Ni nTOF17 Greybook nTOF17 Publications
nTOF18 INTC-P-304 Spin assignments of nuclear levels above the neutron binding energy in $^{88}$Sr nTOF18 Greybook nTOF18 Publications
nTOF19 INTC-P-309 Measurements of neutron-induced capture and fission reactions on $^{235}$ U: cross sections and ${\alpha}$ ratios, photon strength functions and prompt ${\gamma}$-ray from fission nTOF19 Greybook nTOF19 Publications
nTOF20 INTC-P-310 Neutron capture cross section of $^{93}$Zr nTOF20 Greybook nTOF20 Publications
nTOF21 INTC-P-320 Neutron capture cross section of $^{25}$Mg and its astrophysical implications nTOF21 Greybook nTOF21 Publications
nTOF22 INTC-P-322 Micromegas detector for $^{33}$S(n,$\alpha$) cross section measurement at n_TOF nTOF22 Greybook nTOF22 Publications
nTOF23 INTC-P-327 The (n, $\gamma$) reaction in the s-process branching point $^{59}$Ni nTOF23 Greybook nTOF23 Publications
nTOF24 INTC-P-330 Fission Fragment Angular Distributions in the $^{234}$U(n,f) and $^{236}$U(n,f) reactions nTOF24 Greybook nTOF24 Publications
nTOF25 INTC-P-381 Neutron capture cross sections of $^{70,72,73,74,76}$ Ge at n_TOF EAR-1 nTOF25 Greybook nTOF25 Publications
nTOF26 INTC-P-387 Radiative capture on $^{242}$Pu for MOX fuel reactors nTOF26 Greybook nTOF26 Publications
nTOF27 INTC-P-397 Measurements of neutron induced capture and fission reactions on $^{233}$ U (EAR1) nTOF27 Greybook nTOF27 Publications
nTOF28 INTC-P-399 Commissioning of n_TOF EAR2 nTOF28 Greybook nTOF28 Publications
nTOF29 INTC-P-404 Neutron capture at the s-process branching points $^{171}$Tm and $^{204}$Tl nTOF29 Greybook nTOF29 Publications
nTOF30 INTC-P-405 $\gamma$-ray energy spectra and multiplicities from the neutron-induced fission of $^{235}$U using STEFF nTOF30 Greybook nTOF30 Publications
nTOF31 INTC-P-406 Destruction of the cosmic gamma ray emitter 26 Al by neutron induced reactions nTOF31 Greybook nTOF31 Publications
nTOF32 INTC-P-407 RE-commissioning of nTOF EAR1 nTOF32 Greybook nTOF32 Publications
nTOF33 INTC-P-415 Tackling the s-process stellar neutron density via the 147Pm(n,?) reaction nTOF33 Greybook nTOF33 Publications
nTOF34 INTC-P-416 High accuracy measurement of the $^{235}$U(n,f) reaction cross-section in the 10-30 keV neutron energy range nTOF34 Greybook nTOF34 Publications
nTOF35 INTC-P-417 Measurement of $^{7}$Be(n,$\alpha$)$^{4}$He and $^{7}$Be(n,p)$^{7}$Li cross-sections for the Cosmological Lithium Problem nTOF35 Greybook nTOF35 Publications
nTOF36 INTC-P-408 Measurement of the neutron capture cross-sections of $^{53}$Mn at EAR-2 nTOF36 Greybook nTOF36 Publications
nTOF37 INTC-P-418 Measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) reaction cross-section at the CERN nTOF facility  EAR-2 nTOF37 Greybook nTOF37 Publications
nTOF38 INTC-P-430 The (n,a) reaction cross section measurement for light isotopes nTOF38 Greybook nTOF38 Publications
nTOF39 INTC-P-431 Neutron-induced fission cross-section of 237Np obtained with two different detection systems nTOF39 Greybook nTOF39 Publications
nTOF40 INTC-P-437 Measurement of the neutron capture cross section of gadolinium even isotopes relevant to Nuclear Astrophysics nTOF40 Greybook nTOF40 Publications
nTOF41 INTC-P-438 Measurement of the neutron capture cross section for 155Gd and 157Gd for Nuclear Technology nTOF41 Greybook nTOF41 Publications
nTOF42 INTC-P-442 33S(n,a)30Si cross section measurement at n_TOF EAR2. nTOF42 Greybook nTOF42 Publications
nTOF43 INTC-I-165 Measurement of the 235U (n, f) cross-section relative to the H (n, n) H reaction up to 1 GeV: test of a Proton Recoil Telescope nTOF43 Greybook nTOF43 Publications
nTOF44 INTC-I-167 nTOF Total Absorption Calorimeter re-commissioning nTOF44 Greybook nTOF44 Publications
nTOF45 INTC-P-453 Neutron capture cross-section of 88Sr and 89Y nTOF45 Greybook nTOF45 Publications
nTOF46 INTC-P-466 Neutron capture cross sections of 69,71Ga at nTOF EAR1 nTOF46 Greybook nTOF46 Publications
nTOF47 INTC-P-469 Measurement of the 244Cm and 246Cm neutron capture cross sections at the nTOF facility nTOF47 Greybook nTOF47 Publications
nTOF48 INTC-P-491 Measurement of the 241Am (n,γ) cross section at low energies at EAR nTOF48 Greybook nTOF48 Publications
nTOF49 INTC-P-492 Measurement of the fission cross-section of 241 Am nTOF49 Greybook nTOF49 Publications
nTOF50 INTC-P-493 Measurement of the 230Th (n,f) reaction cross-section at EAR1 and EAR2 nTOF50 Greybook nTOF50 Publications
nTOF51 INTC-P-497 Proposal for a neutron imaging station at nTOF EAR2 nTOF51 Greybook nTOF51 Publications
nTOF52 INTC-P-507 Measurement of the 235U(n,f) cross section relative to n-p scattering up to 1 GeV nTOF52 Greybook nTOF52 Publications
nTOF53 INTC-P-509 Neutron capture measurements on 77,78Se and 68Zn, and the origin of selenium in massive stars nTOF53 Greybook nTOF53 Publications
nTOF54 INTC-P-510 The 14N(n,p)14C and 35Cl(n,p)35S reactions at nTOF–EAR2: dosimetry in BNCT and astrophysics nTOF54 Greybook nTOF54 Publications
nTOF55 INTC-P-513 Measurement of fission cross-section and fission-fragment angular distribution of 231Pa nTOF55 Greybook nTOF55 Publications
nTOF56 INTC-P-522 Measurement of the energy-differential cross-section of the 12C(n, p) and 12C(n, d) reactions nTOF56 Greybook nTOF56 Publications
nTOF57 INTC-P-533 The 140Ce(n, γγ)141Ce reaction at nTOF-EAR1: a litmus test for theoretical stellar models nTOF57 Greybook nTOF57 Publications
nTOF58 INTC-P-536 Completing the puzzle around the 79Se s-process branching with the 80Se(n,γ) cross-section measurement nTOF58 Greybook nTOF58 Publications
nTOF59 INTC-P-537 Commissioning of the i-TED Demonstrator (i-TED2) at CERN nTOF EAR2 (11) nTOF59 Greybook nTOF59 Publications
nTOF60 INTC-P-538 γ-ray Energy Spectra and Multiplicities and Fission Fragment A and Z distributions from the Neutron-induced Fission of 239Pu using STEFF nTOF60 Greybook nTOF60 Publications
nTOF61 INTC-P-541 Measurement of the 35Cl(n,γ) cross section at nTOF EAR1  nTOF61 Greybook nTOF61 Publications
nTOF62 INTC-P-542 Neutron capture on 205Tl: depicting the abundance pattern of lead isotopes in s-process nucleosynthesis nTOF62 Greybook nTOF62 Publications
nTOF63 INTC-P-566 Measurement of the fission cross-section of 243Am at EAR-1 and EAR-2 of the CERN nTOF facility nTOF63 Greybook nTOF63 Publications
nTOF64 INTC-P-567 Measurement of the α-ratio and (n,γ) cross section of 239 Pu at n_TOF nTOF64 Greybook nTOF64 Publications
nTOF65 INTC-P-569 Measurement of 94,95,96Mo(n,γ) relevant to Astrophysics and Nuclear Technology nTOF65 Greybook nTOF65 Publications
nTOF66 INTC-P-577 First measurement of the ⁹⁴Nb(n,γ) cross-section nTOF66 Greybook nTOF66 Publications
nTOF67 INTC-P-580 First measurement of the s-process branching 79Se(n,γ)  nTOF67 Greybook nTOF67 Publications
nTOF68 INTC-P-587 Commissioning of the third-generation spallation target and the neutron beam characteristics of the nTOF facility nTOF68 Greybook nTOF68 Publications
nTOF69 INTC-P-588 Neutron capture on 50Cr and 53Cr for criticality safety nTOF69 Greybook nTOF69 Publications
nTOF70 INTC-P-607 Measurement of the 176Yb(n,γ) cross-section at EAR1 and its application to nuclear medicine nTOF70 Greybook nTOF70 Publications
nTOF71 INTC-I-236 Commissioning of a Double Frisch-grid Bragg Detector for Fission Measurements and Determination of n-induced Background at EAR1 and EAR2 nTOF71 Greybook nTOF71 Publications
nTOF72 INTC-P-623 Neutron capture cross-section measurements by the activation method at the nTOF NEAR Station nTOF72 Greybook nTOF72 Publications
nTOF73 INTC-P-629 Measurement of (n,cp) reactions in EAR1 and EAR2 for characterization and validation of new detection systems and technique nTOF73 Greybook nTOF73 Publications
nTOF74 INTC-P-630 Time-of-Flight resolved neutron imaging from thermal to fast neutron energies at nTOF EAR2 nTOF74 Greybook nTOF74 Publications
nTOF75 INTC-P-631 Direct measurement of the nTOF NEAR neutron fluence with diamond detectors nTOF75 Greybook nTOF75 Publications
nTOF76 INTC-P-640 Measurement of the Ta(n,γ) cross-section at EAR1 nTOF76 Greybook nTOF76 Publications
nTOF77 INTC-P-645 Measurement of 40K(n,p) and 40K(n,α) cross-sections at nTOF EAR2 nTOF77 Greybook nTOF77 Publications
nTOF78 INTC-P-651 Measurement of the double-differential cross-section of neutron-induced charged-particle emission of carbon from 20 MeV to 200 MeV nTOF78 Greybook nTOF78 Publications
nTOF79 INTC-P-653 Measurement of 28,29,30Si(n,γ) capture cross-sections to explain isotopic abundances in presolar grains nTOF79 Greybook nTOF79 Publications
nTOF80 INTC-P-656 Measurement of the 166,167,168,170Er(n,γ) cross-section at EAR1 nTOF80 Greybook nTOF80 Publications
nTOF81 INTC-P-665 Search for new fission modes in light systems around Z = 60: the cerium case nTOF81 Greybook nTOF81 Publications
nTOF82 INTC-P-671 New measurement of the 146Nd(n,γ) cross section at nTOF-EAR2 nTOF82 Greybook nTOF82 Publications
nTOF83 INTC-P-672 Measurement of the 238U(n,γ) cross section at nTOF nTOF83 Greybook nTOF83 Publications
nTOF84 INTC-P-675 High precision 209Bi(n,γ) cross section measurement at nTOF-EAR2  nTOF84 Greybook nTOF84 Publications
nTOF85 INTC-P-677 Measurement of the neutron capture and fission reactions of plutonium-241 at nTOF-EAR1  nTOF85 Greybook nTOF85 Publications
nTOF86 INTC-P-689 Study of n+63,65Cu reactions and their relevance for nuclear technologies and astrophysics  nTOF86 Greybook nTOF86 Publications
nTOF87 INTC-P-690 Activation measurements of the 135Cs(n,γ) cross-section at nTOF-NEAR nTOF87 Greybook nTOF87 Publications
nTOF88 INTC-P-693 Measurement of the zirconium-88 neutron absorption cross-section at EAR2  nTOF88 Greybook nTOF88 Publications



PS Programme - P* Experiments
Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment CDS
P2 CERN-PH-III-66-3 Study of the light hypernuclei produced in the absorption at rest of $K^{-}$ mesons and $\Sigma^{-}$    
P4 CERN-PH-III-67-18 Expérience de diffusion $\pi^{-}He^{4}$ à une énergie incidente de 1.12 GeV    
P6 CERN-PH-III-69-10 Hypernuclear $\gamma$ rays
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Warsaw, Povh et al.
- P6 Publications
P7 CERN-PH-III-67-32
X rays from K-mesic, antiprotonic and $\Sigma^{-}$ hyperonic atoms.
Collaboration: Karlsruhe-Stockholm, Backentosset al.
- P7 Publications
P8 CERN-PH-III-70-19 Hypernuclear spectroscopy via pion spectra from capture of stopping $K^{-}$ in nuclei
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Warsaw, Povh, Soergel et al.
- P8 Publications
Hypernuclear spectroscopy via pion spectra from capture in nuclei of $K^{-}$ in flight
Collaboration: Torino-CERN, Bonazzola, Bressani et al.
- P9 Publications
P10 CERN-PH-III-70-10
Exotic nuclei with an on-line mass spectrometer at the PS
Collaboration: Orsay, Klapisch et al.
- P10 Publications
P11 CERN-PH-III-71-23
High resolution spectroscopy of hypernuclei
Collaboration: Heidelberg, Povh, Soergel et al.
- P11 Publications
P12 CERN-PH-III-71-15 Search for very energetic heavy fragments and recoils produced by proton bombardment of heacy nuclei
Collaboration: CERN-DIAS Dublin-Warsaw, Herz et al.
- P12 Publications
P13 CERN-PH-III-71-16 Investigation of the production of elements with Z > 30 formed by the interaction of 28 GeV protons with Cu
Collaboration: Darmstadt, Bachmann, Lieser et al.
- P13 Publications
P14 CERN-PH-III-71-17 Search for superheavy nuclei.
Collaboration: University of Berne, Hahn, von Gunton et al.
- P15 Publications
Experiments on the production of superheavy elements
Collaboration: Darmstadt-Marbug, Bächmann, Brandt et al.
- P15 Publications
P16 CERN-PH-III-72-8 Search for superheavy elements
Collaboration: RHEL-Manchester-Risley, Batty et al.
- P16 Publications
P17 CERN-PH-III-71-40 p-$^{4}$He coherent scattering (Observation of $^{4}$He recoil
Collaboration: Clermond-Ferrand-Strasbourg, Combe, Fridman, Querrou et al.
- P17 Publications
P18 CERN-PH-III-72-15 Fragmentation cross sections of astrophysical interest
Collaboration: Raisbeck, Yiou
- P18 Publications
P19 CERN-PH-III-74-14 Radiochemical studies of high-energy proton induced reactions at CERN I
Collaboration: Marburg, Habbestad, Esterlund, Patzelt
- P19 Publications
P20 CERN-PH-III-73-12-REV Cross sections and recoil properties of rare gases producted in targets (Z=13 to 92) irradiated by 24 GeV protons
Collaboration: CENBG Gradignan, Regnier, Simonoff-Lagarde, Simonoff
- P20 Publications
P21 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-39
A study of the excited states of 4 H and 4 He hypernuclei
Collaboration: IN2P3-Warsaw
- P21 Publications



Proton Synchrotron (PS) Programme - S* Experiments
Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment / Greybook CDS
S0 - Peripheral $\pi$ processes S0 Greybook S0 Publications
S1 Memoranda-S1 $\pi –p$ diffraction scattering   S1 Publications
S2 - Peripheral diboson production   S2 Publications
S3 - $\pi$- conversion into $N\bar{N}$ pairs   S3 Publications
S4 - Radiative $\pi -N$ collisions   S4 Publications
S5   Pion form factor investigations   S5 Publications
S6 - $\Sigma^{0}$ polarisation   S6 Publications
S7 - $\Sigma-\Lambda$ parity   S7 Publications
S9 Proposal-S9 Test of special relativity   S9 Publications
S10 - Branching ratios for $K^{0}_{2}$ decay S10 Greybook S10 Publications
S11 - (Papep) Electron-pair production and muon-pair production from $\bar{p} -p$ annihilation   S11 Publications
S12 - Test of $\Delta S = \Delta Q$ rule   S12 Publications
S13 - Associated production of strange particles   S13 Publications
S14 - Elastic and inelastic $\mu -p$ scattering   S14 Publications
S15 - Charge exchange scattering   S15 Publications
S16 Proposal-S16 Proton polarization in $\pi -p$ scattering   S16 Publications
S17 Proposal-S17 $\beta$-decay of the $\Lambda$   S17 Publications
S18 - $\pi$-p backward scattering experiment   S18 Publications
S19 - Small angle $p-p$ elastic and inelastic scattering   S19 Publications
S20 - Strange particle physics   S20 Publications
S21 - Neutrino calibration   S21 Publications
S22 - $\beta$-decay of the $\Lambda$   S22 Publications
S23 - Inelastic proton scattering 2-10 GeV/c and $p + p \rightarrow \pi + d$   S23 Publications
S24 - Small angle $\pi p$ scattering   S24 Publications
S25 Proposal-S25 $\bar{K}-p \rightarrow K^{0} + n$ and $\bar{P}P$ charge exchange at 10 GeV/c   S25 Publications
S25 Proposal-S25 The charge exchange $K^{-} + p \rightarrow K^{0} + n$ at 9.50 GeV/c   S25 Publications
S26 Proposal-S26 $\pi p$ charge exchange   S26 Publications
S27 - $\pi + d \rightarrow p + p$   S27 Publications
S28 - $\pi p$ large angle scattering at 3.5 GeV   S28 Publications
S29 Proposal-S29 $\Sigma$ parity/$\Xi$- parity   S29 Publications
S2a - Regge factors   S2a Publications
S30 Proposal-S30 $\rho \rightarrow \pi \gamma /\pi \pi^{0}$   S30 Publications
S31 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-12 Missing Mass Spectrometer   S31 Publications
S31b - Missing Mass Spectrometer   S31b Publications
S32 - Test of special relativity   S32 Publications
S33 - Precision measurement of g-2 of muon   S33 Publications
S34 - Search for $K^{0}_{2} \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ at 10 GeV/c   S34 Publications
S35 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-04 Pion charge exchange on polarized protons S35 Greybook S35 Publications
S36 - Running in of slowly ejected proton beam e2 S36 Greybook S36 Publications
S37 - Branching ratio of $\eta$ decay, $\eta + \gamma + \gamma / \eta$ -> neutrals S37 Greybook S37 Publications
S38 - Slow ejected beam: small angle production S38 Greybook S38 Publications
S38a - Large angle pp scattering at 8-12 GeV/c magnetic analysis of both outgoing protons S38a Greybook S38a Publications
S39 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-15 Interference of regenerated $K^{0}_{1} \to \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ with $K^{0}_{2} \to \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ S39 Greybook S39 Publications
S39a CERN-PH-I-COM-65-15 Interference of regenerated $K^{0}_{1} \to \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ with $K^{0}_{2} \to \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ S39a Greybook S39a Publications
S40 - Rate of $K^{0}_{L,S} \rightarrow 2\pi^{0}$ S40 Greybook S40 Publications
S41 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-9 Interference of $K^{0}_{1} -> \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ with $K^{0}_{2} -> \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ from $K^{0}$ decay S41 Greybook S41 Publications
S42 - Electromagnetic decays of $\rho$ and $\omega$ into $\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ S42 Greybook S42 Publications
S43 Proposal-S43 Scattering of pions from polarized protons S43 Greybook S43 Publications
S44 - Dalitz plot of $\eta$ decay S44 Greybook S44 Publications
S44a - Production cross-section of $X^{0}$ meson S44a Greybook S44a Publications
S45 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-26 $\beta$ parameter of $\Lambda$ decay S45 Greybook S45 Publications
S46   Neutral decays of neutral resonances, production of the reaction $\pi^{-} p -> n + B^{0}$ about 2 GeV/c S46 Greybook S46 Publications
S47 Proposal-S47 Branching ratio of $\omega$ decay: $\omega \rightarrow \pi^{0} + \gamma/\omega \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-} + \pi^{0}$ S47 Greybook S47 Publications
S48   Kp scattering on a transverse polarized target (scattering of 0.9 to 2 GeV/c kaons on a polarized target) S48 Greybook S48 Publications
S49   Interference of $K^{0}_{1} \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ with $K^{0}_{2} \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ from $K^{0}$ decay S49 Greybook S49 Publications
S50 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-51 Beta decay of hyperon S50 Greybook S50 Publications
S51   Electromagnetic decays of $\rho, \omega$ and $\phi$ mesons S51 Greybook S51 Publications
S52   Decay of $\eta^{0}, \omega^{0}, X^{0}, Q^{0}$ into $\pi^{+}\pi^{-}\gamma$ and other decay modes production reaction $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow n + B^{0}$ at 6 GeV/c S52 Greybook S52 Publications
S53 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-22 Elastic $\pi$ p large momentum transfer scattering up to 180$^{0}$ S53 Greybook S53 Publications
S54 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-32 Measurements of parameters A and R in $\pi$ -p scattering using a polarized target and a spark chamber S54 Greybook S54 Publications
S55 CERN-PH-I-COM-65-52 Angular distribution of $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow \Lambda^{0}$ ( $\sigma^{0}$ ) $K^{0}$ in the forward direction in the energy range 4 to 16 GeV/c S55 Greybook S55 Publications
S56 - Muon quantum number conservation. Measurement of $\mu^{+}$ / $\mu^{-}$ ratio of events produced by a pure neutrino beam and a dependence of inelastic $\nu$ reactions S56 Greybook S56 Publications
S57 - Background test for experiment on search for fractional charge particles S57 Greybook S57 Publications
S58 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-43 Test of large spark chambers in missing mass spectrometer for purpose of vertex analysis of the missing boson produced in $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow p^{+} B^{-}$ at $\approx$ 6 GeV/c S58 Greybook S58 Publications
S59 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-41 Measurement on the parameter $P_{0}$ in $\pi^{\pm}$ p, $K^{\pm}$ p scattering using a transversally polarized target and counter hodoscope S59 Greybook S59 Publications
S60 - Interference of $K^{0}_{L} -> 2 \pi^{0}$ and $K^{0}_{S} -> 2 \pi^{0}$ S60 Greybook S60 Publications
S61 - High energy particle production by 20 GeV protons on protons at small angles S61 Greybook S61 Publications
S62 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-29 Search for charge - 1/3 e particles from an internal target S62 Greybook S62 Publications
S63 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-12 $\pi$ - d elastic scattering S63 Greybook S63 Publications
S64 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-9 Magnetic Boson Spectrometer for Masses up to $4 GeV/c$ S64 Greybook S64 Publications
S65 - Neutral Final States in $\pi^{-}$ p interactions S65 Greybook S65 Publications
S66 - $n-p$ scattering above 6 GeV/c S66 Greybook S66 Publications
S67 - Measurement of $K^{-} + p \rightarrow$ $\overline{K} ^{0} + n$ cross sections from 1-2 GeV/c S67 Greybook S67 Publications
S68 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-10 $K_{e4}$ decay S68 Greybook S68 Publications
S69 CERN-PH-I-COM-66-55 High precision measurement on $\Delta$ S / $\Delta$ Q rule S69 Greybook S69 Publications
S70   Study of modes $K^{\pm}$ - $\pi^{\pm}\pi^{0}\gamma , \pi^{\pm}\pi^{0}\pi^{0}$ S70 Greybook S70 Publications
S71 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-47 $K^{0}_{2}$ leptonic and 3 $\pi$ decays S71 Greybook S71 Publications
S72   Elastic np charge exchange scattering above 6 GeV/c S72 Greybook S72 Publications
S73   An experiment to study diffractive dissociation S73 Greybook S73 Publications
S74 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-40 High Precision measurement of the $\Delta$S/$\Delta$Q rule and a search for the decay of $K_{S}^{0} \rightarrow \pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ S74 Greybook S74 Publications
S75   $K^{-}_{+}$ p $\rightarrow$ $\overline{K}^{0}_{+}$ n total cross sections S75 Greybook S75 Publications
S76 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-48 An experiment to measure $K^{\pm}$ and $\overline{p}$ scattering on polarised protons in the 1.0 - 5.0 GeV/c region S76 Greybook S76 Publications
S77 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-11 Measurement of the phase of the pion-nucleon scattering at high-energy and at non-zero momentum transfer, by studying the pion-deuteron elastic scattering S77 Greybook S77 Publications
S78   Missing mass S78 Greybook S78 Publications
S79 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-36 Study of the $\Lambda^{0} \beta$-decay S79 Greybook S79 Publications
S80   Rate of $K^{0}_{L,S}\rightarrow$ 2 $\pi^{0}$ S80 Greybook S80 Publications
S81 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-47 I.S.R. background studies S81 Greybook S81 Publications
S82 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-38 Accurate determination of the ratio $\eta_{00}$ / $\eta_{+-}$ S82 Greybook S82 Publications
S83 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-30 Study of Neutral Resonances decaying into Neutrals S83 Greybook S83 Publications
S84   Neutral Decays of Neutral Resonances at high Energies S84 Greybook S84 Publications
S85 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-50 Spin-parity determination of A$_{2}$ high and A$_{2}$ low by measuring K$\overline{K}$ and p $\pi$ decays with Boson Spectrometer S85 Greybook S85 Publications
S86 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-42 Measurement at 4 GeV/c of the $\overline{p} p$ $\rightarrow$ $\pi^{+} \pi^{-}$ differential cross section, at small values of t and u S86 Greybook S86 Publications
S87 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-8 Measurement of the Reactions $\pi^{-} + p \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-} + n, \pi^{-} + p \rightarrow K^{+} + K^{-} + n$ S87 Greybook S87 Publications
S88   Interference of $K^{0}_{1} \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ with $K^{0}_{2} \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-}$ from $K^{0}$ decay S88 Greybook S88 Publications
S89   $\Lambda^{0}$ missing-mass spectrometer S89 Greybook S89 Publications
S90 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-47 Study of the K* resonances produced in $K^{-}$ p interactions at 40 GeV/c with the CERN-IHEP boson-spectrometer S90 Greybook S90 Publications
S91 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-18 $K^{\pm}p, \pi^{-}p, \bar{p}p$ forward and backward scattering at 5GeV/c. $K^{-}p$ and $\pi^{-}p$ large angle elastic scattering at 6.5 GeV/c S91 Greybook S91 Publications
S92 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-14 High energy $pp$ two-body reactions S92 Greybook S92 Publications
S93 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-1 Measurement of $\Phi_{\eta{+-}}$ S93 Greybook S93 Publications
S94 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-32 Measurement of the reactions $\pi^{-} + p \rightarrow \pi^{+} + \pi^{-} + n, \pi^{-} + p \rightarrow K^{+} + K^{-} + n$ at 17 GeV/c S94 Greybook S94 Publications
S95 CERN-PH-I-COM-67-18 $^{4}$He Target Recoil Spectrometer S95 Greybook S95 Publications
S96   $\pi^{-}p$ charge exchange on polarized Butanol target S96 Greybook S96 Publications
S97 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-41
Precise Measurement of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon - Muon g-2 S97 Greybook S97 Publications
S98 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-3 An experiment on small angle $\overline{p} {p}$ charge-exchange scattering S98 Greybook S98 Publications
S99 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-33 Measurement of the differential cross section for $\overline{p}p \rightarrow \overline{p}p$, $\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$, $K^{+}K^{-}$ between 0.6 and 2.0 GeV/c S99 Greybook S99 Publications
S100 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-8 Measure the differential cross section of $K^{-}{n}$ elastic scattering between ~ 1 and ~ 2 GeV/c S100 Greybook S100 Publications
S101 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-47 ISR Background Studies S101 Greybook S101 Publications
S102 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-59 Measurement of polarisation and differential cross-section for the reaction$\ {K^{-} + p}$ $\rightarrow$ $\overline{K}^{0}{+}{n}$ S102 Greybook S102 Publications
S103 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-32 Measurement of the $\Sigma^{-}p$ total cross-section S103 Greybook S103 Publications
S104 CERN-PH-I-COM-68-53 $\Lambda^{0}$ missing-mass spectrometer S104 Greybook S104 Publications
S105 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-13 The measurement of polarization in backward scattering for the reactions $\pi^{+} p \rightarrow p \pi^{+},K^{+} p \rightarrow p K^{+}$ and $\;\pi^{+} p \rightarrow \Sigma^{+} K^{+}$ S105 Greybook S105 Publications
S106 CERN-PH-I-COM-69-61 Measurement of the recoil Proton polarization parameter in the backward $\pi^{\pm}p$ Elastic Scattering at 6-8 GeV/c S106 Greybook S106 Publications
S107 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-6 Measurement of the $\pi^{\pm}$ and $K^{\pm}$ Spectra with the Spectrometer of the S 92 Experiment S107 Greybook S107 Publications
S108 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-41 Measurement of neutron-proton charge exchange scattering from 8 to 25 GeV/c and from 20 to 70 GeV/c S108 Greybook S108 Publications
S109 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-25 A precise measurement of the $K_{e2}/K_{\mu 2}$ branching ratio S109 Greybook S109 Publications
S110 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-60 $K^{0}$ regeneration S110 Greybook S110 Publications
S111 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-55 Exotic exchange in reactions $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow K^{+} \Sigma^{-}$ and $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow d \bar{p}$ S111 Greybook S111 Publications
S112 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-59 A Study of Zero Strangeness Bosons using a Neutron Trigger S112 Greybook S112 Publications
S113 CERN-PH-I-COM-70-63 Study of the Strangeness Zero, charged Boson Spectrum using the Omega and a Proton Time of Flight Trigger S113 Greybook S113 Publications
S114 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-6 An experiment on baryon exchange with production of a forward $\Lambda$ S114 Greybook S114 Publications
S115 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-5 Study of Baryon-Antibaryon Production S115 Greybook S115 Publications
S116 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-3 Study of Non-Diffractively produced $K^{*}$ Resonances S116 Greybook S116 Publications
S117 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-8 Quasi-two-body Reactions proceeding through Baryon Exchange S117 Greybook S117 Publications
S118 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-5 $K_{e4}$ decay S118 Greybook S118 Publications
S119 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-34 High Statistics Measurement of quasi two-body Reactions S119 Greybook S119 Publications
S120 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-37 A study of the reactions $\pi^{+}p \rightarrow K^{+} \Sigma^{+}$ and $K^{−}p \rightarrow \pi^{-} \Sigma^{+}$ and other 2-body processes at 10 GeV/c S120 Greybook S120 Publications
S121 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-28 Leptonic decays of negative hyperons S121 Greybook S121 Publications
S122 CERN-PH-I-COM-71-43 Coherent production of I=1/2 baryon states on helium S122 Greybook S122 Publications
S123 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-5 Measurement of the $K^{0}$ charge radius by $K^{0}_{S}$ regeneration from electrons S123 Greybook S123 Publications
S124 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-2 Measurement of polarization parameter in $\overline{p}p\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-$ in the momentum range 1.2 - 2.4 GeV/c S124 Greybook S124 Publications
S125 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-20 Investigation of spin-dependence of pion-induced inclusive reactions $\pi^{\pm}p(\uparrow)\rightarrow\pi^{\pm}$ + anything S125 Greybook S125 Publications
S126 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-30 Measurement of polarization in backward scattering for the reactions $\pi^{-} p \rightarrow \Sigma^{-} K ^{+}$ and $\pi^{-} p \rightarrow p \pi^{-}$ S126 Greybook S126 Publications
S127 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-36 Measurement of the $(K ^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{0} \mu^{+}\nu)/(K^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{0}e^{+} \nu)$ branching ratio S127 Greybook S127 Publications
S128 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-33 Measurement of the $\Sigma^{0}$ life-time, by $\Sigma^{0}$ production in the Coulomb field of nuclei by incident $\Lambda$ S128 Greybook S128 Publications
S129 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-43 Study of Elastic Scattering of Negative Hyperons and Diffractive Production of Y* S129 Greybook S129 Publications
S130 CERN-PH-I-COM-72-39 Study of $K^{0}_{L}+p\rightarrow K^{0}_{S}+p$ in the Momentum Interval $2 \leq P_{K^{0}_{L}}\leq 16$GeV/c S130 Greybook S130 Publications
CERN-PH-I-COM-72-40 Measurement of Production of Strange Bosons in the Reactions $K^{-}p \rightarrow K^{-0} \pi^{-}p$ and $K^{+}p \rightarrow K^{0} \pi^{+}p$ S131 Greybook S131 Publications
PS131 Publications
CERN-PH-I-COM-72-27 Symmetric Bispectrometer for a Systematic Search of Heavy Particles S132 Greybook S132 Publications
S133 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-13 $\pi\pi$ Scattering Lengths and Phase Shifts for low $\pi\pi$ Masses S133 Greybook S133 Publications
S134 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-16 Helicity Amplitudes for Associated Production in $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow K^{0}\Lambda$ S134 Greybook S134 Publications
CERN-PH-I-COM-73-3 A Systematic Study of Electron Pair and Gamma-Ray Production in $\bar{p}p$ annihilation at Rest S135 Greybook S135 Publications
CERN-PH-I-COM-72-19 A systematic study of electron pair production in $\pi^{-}p \rightarrow n\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$ with a polarized target S136 Greybook S136 Publications
CERN-PH-I-COM-73-44 Measurement of the Polarisation in $K^{+}n$ charge exchange and in $\pi n$ charge exchange S137 Greybook S137 Publications
S138 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-65 To Study $K^{+}p$ Interactions at 14 GeV/c S138 Greybook S138 Publications
S139 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-50 Study of Rare Decays of Mesons S139 Greybook PS139 Publications



PS Programme - PS* Experiments
Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
PS140 CERN-PH-I-COM-73-53 Measurements of the Reaction $K^{-}p \rightarrow \Lambda$ (forward) + Neutral Meson PS140 Greybook PS140 Publications
PS141 CERN-EEC-74-14 Spin Dependent Effects in Proton-Proton Interactions at 24 GeV/c PS141 Greybook PS141 Publications
PS142 CERN-EEC-74-32 X-rays of Protonium (${p}\overline{p}$ atom) PS142 Greybook PS142 Publications
PS143 CERN-EEC-74-41 A Search for N* Resonances in Helium PS143 Greybook PS143 Publications
PS144 CERN-EEC-74-45
Proposal to measure the $K^{\pm}p$ forward scattering amplitude at 10 GeV/c by means of the Coulomb-nuclear interference PS144 Greybook PS144 Publications
PS145 CERN-EEC-75-3 A search for exotic mesons using Omega PS145 Greybook PS145 Publications
PS146 CERN-EEC-75-11 Charm search on Omega PS146 Greybook PS146 Publications
PS147 CERN-EEC-75-17 Study of the $K^{0}_{L}p \rightarrow \Lambda \pi^{+}$ (backward) reaction PS147 Greybook PS147 Publications
PS148 CERN-EEC-75-2 A proposal to study $\pi ^{-}p \rightarrow (K\bar{K})^\pm\pi^{\mp}n$ using Omega PS148 Greybook PS148 Publications
PS149 CERN-EEC-75-42 Study of the Reaction and Scattering Cross Section for $\overline{p}{p}$ at $\overline{p}$ Momenta Below 1 GeV/c PS149 Greybook PS149 Publications
PS150 CERN-EEC-75-46 Study of the Channelling Effect in Crystalline Structures at High Energies PS150 Greybook PS150 Publications
PS151 CERN-EEC-76-1
Exotic Atoms (former experiment P7) PS151 Greybook PS151 Publications
PS152 CERN-EEC-75-41 Further Study of Hypernuclear Gamma Transitions PS152 Greybook PS152 Publications
PS153 CERN-EEC-76-6 Hunt for narrow-baryon formation in $\pi^{-}p$ backward elastic scattering PS153 Greybook PS153 Publications
PS154 CERN-EEC-76-9 Strangeness Exchange Reaction on Nuclei PS154 Greybook PS154 Publications
PS155 CERN-EEC-76-13 Properties of Exotic Light Nuclei Produced at the PS PS155 Greybook PS155 Publications
PS156 CERN-EEC-76-17
Measurement of the polarization parameter in $p-n$ elastic and charge exchange scattering at 24 GeV/c PS156 Greybook PS156 Publications
PS157 PSC-P-14 High precision measurement of $\pi^{-}p$ total cross section PS157 Greybook PS157 Publications
PS158 PSC-P-6 Antiproton X-ray Studies on Isotopically Pure Targets PS158 Greybook PS158 Publications
PS159 PSC-P-8 Strange Dibaryon Systems PS159 Greybook PS159 Publications
PS160 PSC-P-7 Measurement of A and R Parameters in the Reaction $\pi^{+}p \rightarrow K^{+}\Sigma^{+}$ PS160 Greybook PS160 Publications
PS161 PSC-P-9 Search for Strongly Bound States of the $\overline{p}p, \overline{p}d$ and $\overline{p}(NN...)$ Systems PS161 Greybook PS161 Publications
PS162 PSC-P-10 Study of the Structure of Exotic Light Nuclei Produced at the PS PS162 Greybook PS162 Publications
PS163 PSC-P-11
Search for Narrow Baryonium States Near the $\overline{p}p$ Threshold PS163 Greybook PS163 Publications
PS164 PSCC-P-3
The influence of Channelling on Atomic and Nuclear Reaction Yields PS164 Greybook PS164 Publications
PS165 PSCC-P-2 Measurement of the $K^{-}p$ Scattering Length at Threshold by Observation of Kaonic Hydrogen X-Rays from a Condensed Target PS165 Greybook PS165 Publications
PS166 PSCC-P-10 Search for $\Sigma$ Hypernuclear States using the Strangeness Exchange Reactions $(K^{-},\pi^{-})$ and $(K^{-},\pi^{+})$ PS166 Greybook PS166 Publications
PS167 PSCC-P-11 Background Calibration for a Proton-Lifetime Detector PS167 Greybook PS167 Publications
PS168 PSCC-P-14 To Test a Prototype of a Proton Lifetime Detector in a Neutrino Beam at the PS PS168 Greybook PS168 Publications
PS169 PSCC-P-30 Search for Neutrino Oscillations PS169 Greybook PS169 Publications
PS170 PSCC-P-25

Precision Measurements of the Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors in the Time-Like Region and Vector Meson Spectroscopy PS170 Greybook PS170 Publications
PS171 PSCC-P-28 Study of $\overline{p}p$ Interactions at Rest in a H2 Gas Target at LEAR PS171 Greybook PS171 Publications
PS172 PSCC-P-16
$\overline{p}p$ Total Cross-Sections and Spin Effects in $\overline{p}p \rightarrow K^{+}K^{-},\pi^{+}\pi^{-},\overline{p}p$ above 200 MeV/c PS172 Greybook PS172 Publications
PS173 PSCC-P-20 Measurement of Antiproton-proton Cross-Sections at Low Antiproton Momenta PS173 Greybook PS173 Publications
PS174 PSCC-P-18 Precision Survey of X-Rays from $\overline{p}p (\overline{p}d)$ Atoms Using the Initial LEAR Beam PS174 Greybook PS174 Publications

Measurement of the Antiprotonic Lyman- and Balmer X-rays of $\overline{p}H$ and $\overline{p}D$ Atoms at Very Low Target Pressures PS175 Greybook PS175 Publications
PS176 PSCC-P-29 Study of X-Ray and $\gamma$-Ray Spectra from Antiprotonic Atoms at the Slowly Extracted Antiproton Beam of LEAR PS176 Greybook PS176 Publications
PS177 PSCC-P-15

Study of the Fission Decay of Heavy Hypernuclei PS177 Greybook PS177 Publications
PS178 PSCC-P-23
Study of Antineutron Production at LEAR PS178 Greybook PS178 Publications
PS179 PSCC-P-17
Study of Interaction of Low-Energy Antiprotons with H$^{2}$,He$^{3}$,He$^{4}$,Ne-Nuclei Using a Streamer Chamber in Magnetic Field PS179 Greybook PS179 Publications
PS180 PSCC-P-33
Search for Neutrino Oscillations at CERN PS Using BEBC PS180 Greybook PS180 Publications
PS181 PSCC-P-37 Contribution of the CHARM Collaboration to the CERN Neutrino Oscillation Program PS181 Greybook PS181 Publications
PS182 PSCC-P-36
Measurements of the Ratio Between Double and Single Ionization of Helium for Antiprotons PS182 Greybook PS182 Publications
PS183 PSCC-P-24 Search for Bound $\overline{N}N$ States Using a Precision Gamma and Charged Pion Spectrometer at LEAR PS183 Greybook PS183 Publications
PS184 PSCC-P-35
Study of $\overline{p}$-Nucleus Interaction with a High Resolution Magnetic Spectrometer PS184 Greybook PS184 Publications
PS185 PSCC-P-49

Study of Threshold Production of $\overline{p}p \rightarrow \overline{Y}Y$ at LEAR PS185 Greybook PS185 Publications
PS185/2 SPSLC-P-266

High Precision Measurement of $\overline{p}p \rightarrow\overline{\Lambda}\Lambda$ Cross Sections in the Mass Region around 2232MeV/c$^{2}$ PS185/2 Greybook PS185/2 Publications
PS185/3 SPSLC-P-287

A Measurement of Depolarization and Spin Transfer in $\overline{p}p \rightarrow \overline{\Lambda}\Lambda$ PS185/3 Greybook PS185/3 Publications
PS186 PSCC-P-19

Nuclear Excitations by Antiprotons and Antiprotonic Atoms PS186 Greybook PS186 Publications
PS187 PSCC-P-47
A Good Statistics Study of Antiproton Interactions with Nuclei PS187 Greybook PS187 Publications
PS188 PSCC-P-51

Measurements of Channelling Radiation and its Polarization, X-Ray Excitation, together with Deviations from Landau Distributions PS188 Greybook PS188 Publications
PS189 PSCC-P-52

High Precision Mass Measurements with a Radiofrequency Mass Spectrometer - Application to the Measurement of the $p\overline{p}$ Mass Difference PS189 Greybook PS189 Publications
PS190 - Study of Relativistic Nucleus-nucleus Coll.Induced by 16O Projectiles PS190 Greybook PS190 Publications


Search for Decays of Heavy Neutrinos with the PS Beam PS191 Greybook PS191 Publications
PS192 PSCC-P-69 Study of the Energy Dependence of the Anomalous Mean Free Path Effect by Means of High-energy ($\geq$12 GeV/nucleon) Helium Nuclei PS192 Greybook PS192 Publications
PS193 PSCC-P-71 Study of the Nuclear Transparency in $\alpha$ + A Reactions at Energies $\geq$ 12 GeV/nucleon PS193 Greybook PS193 Publications
PS194 PSCCP-64

Meas.of the Ratio Between Double and Single Ionization of Helium for Antiprotons PS194 Greybook PS194 Publications
PS194/2 PSCC-P-64-ADD-3

New Measurements of Antiproton - Atom Collisions: Ionization, dE/dX, X-rays and Channelling PS194/2 Greybook PS194/2 Publications
PS194/3 PSCC-P-64-ADD-5

Measurement of Stopping Powers and Single Ionization Cross-Sections for Antiprotons at Low Energies PS194/3 Greybook PS194/3 Publications
PS195 PSCC-P-82

Tests of CP Violation with $\bar{K^0}$ and $ K^{0} $ at LEAR PS195 Greybook PS195 Publications
PS196 PSCC-P-83

Precision Comparison of $\bar{p}$ and $ p $ Masses in a Penning Trap PS196 Greybook PS196 Publications
PS197 PSCC-P-90

The Crystal Barrel: Meson Spectroscopy at LEAR with a 4$\pi$ Detector PS197 Greybook PS197 Publications
PS198 PSCC-P-91

Measurement of Spin Dependent Observables in the $\overline pN$ Elastic Scattering from 300 to 700 MeV/c PS198 Greybook PS198 Publications
PS199 PSCC-P-93

Study of the Spin Structure of the $\bar{p}p$ $\rightarrow$ $\bar{n}n$ Channel at LEAR PS199 Greybook PS199 Publications
PS200 PSCC-P-94

Capture, Electron-Cooling and Compression of Antiprotons in a Large Penning-Trap for Physics Experiments with an Ultra-Low Energy Extracted Antiproton Beam PS200 Greybook PS200 Publications
PS201 PSCC-P-95

Study of $ \bar{p} $ and $ \bar{n} $ annihilations at LEAR with OBELIX, a large acceptance and high resolution detector based on the Open Axial Field Spectrometer PS201 Greybook PS201 Publications
PS202 PSCC-P-97

JETSET: Physics at LEAR with an Internal Gas Jet Target and an Advanced General Purpose Detector PS202 Greybook PS202 Publications
PS203 PSCC-P-112

Antiproton Induced Fission and Fragmentation of Nuclei PS203 Greybook PS203 Publications
PS204 PSCC-P-108

Measurements of Wake-Riding Electrons in Antiproton-Carbon-Foil Collisions PS204 Greybook PS204 Publications
PS205 SPSLC-P-255

Laser Spectroscopy of Antiprotonic Helium Atoms PS205 Greybook PS205 Publications
PS206 SPSLC-P-269

Measurement of the $\bar{p}p \rightarrow \bar{n}n$ Charge-Exchange Differential Cross-Section PS206 Greybook PS206 Publications
PS207 PSCC-P-124

Precision Measurement of the Energies and Line Shapes of Antiprotonic Lyman and Balmer Transitions From Hydrogen and Helium Isotopes PS207 Greybook PS207 Publications
PS208 SPSLC-P-274

Decay of Hot Nuclei at Low Spins Produced by Antiproton-Annihilation in Heavy Nuclei PS208 Greybook PS208 Publications
PS209 SPSLC-P-282 Neutron Halo and Antiproton-Nucleus Potential from Antiprotonic X-rays PS209 Greybook PS209 Publications
PS210 SPSLC-P-283 Antihydrogen Production in $ \bar{p} $ Z - interaction PS210 Greybook PS210 Publications
PS211 SPSLC-P-291

Experimental Study of the Phenomenology of Spallation Neutrons in a Large Lead Block PS211 Greybook PS211 Publications
PS212 SPSLC-P-284

Lifetime Measurements of $ \pi ^+ \pi ^- $ and $\pi^{+-} K^{-+}$ Atoms to Test Low-Energy QCD Predictions PS212 Greybook PS212 Publications
PS213 SPSC-P-310 European Collaboration for High-Resolution Measurements of Neutron Cross Sections between 1 eV and 250 MeV PS213 Greybook PS213 Publications
PS214 SPSC-P-315 Hadron Production for the Neutrino Factory and for the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux PS214 Greybook PS214 Publications
PS215 SPSC-P-317 A Study of the Link between Cosmic Rays and Clouds with a Cloud Chamber at the CERN PS PS215 Greybook PS215 Publications
ELENA SPSC-P-338 Extra Low ENergy Antiproton ELENA Greybook ELENA Publications



PS Programme - Bubble Chambers experiments - T*

List of Publications covering Bubble Chamber experiments carried out at CERN during the period 1960-1975 - Compiled by E.W.D. Steel :

Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment / Greybook CDS
T4   Peripheral collisions, resonances m1 or m2 ($\pi^{+}$, 4 GeV) - HBC81
Collaboration: CERN-ETH Cloud Chamber group
T5   Determination of the relative $\Sigma -\Lambda$ parity, leptonic decay of $\Sigma^{+-}$ 
Collaboration: CERN-Coll de France-Padua-Maryland
  T5 Publications
T6   $K ^{-}$ interactions - HBC81
Collaboration: Vienna
  T6 Publications
T7   $K ^{*}$ and other resonances -HBC30
Collaboration: Unknown
  T7 Publications
T8   Study of $\Xi$'s
Collaboration: Unknown
  T8 Publications
T9   Peripheral collisions, resonances, m1 or m2 ($\pi^{-}$2,5 GeV
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Orsay-Saclay
  T9 Publications
T10   Peripheral collisions, resonances, m1 or m2 ($\pi^{+}$2,5 GeV
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Orsay-Saclay
  T10 Publications
T11 CERN-TCC- Study of $\Xi$'s and $\Sigma$'s
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechniqye-UC London-RHEL
  T11 Publications
T12   $K^{+}$-p interactions, resonances
Collaboration: Bologna-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Saclay
  T12 Publications
T13   $K^{-}$-p interactions, resonances, study of $\Xi$'s
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Birmingham-Bologna-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Glasgow-IC London-Oxford-RHEL-Saclay
  T13 Publications
T14   $\overline{p}-n$ annihilations, resonances (See T100 for extension)
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Institut Radium Paris-Liverpool-Padua
  T14 Publications
T15   $K ^{-}$ capture by C and H; two nucleon capture, 1405 MeV resonances, $\pi^{+}$ anomaly
Collaboration: Turin Bubble Chamber group
T16   $\pi{-}$ nuclear interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Saclay
  T16 Publications
T17   $\overline\pi-p$ interactions
Collaboration: Milan
T18   Search for resonances with S=+1, N=+1
Collaboration: Stockholm
T19   Study of $K_{\mu3}$ and $\tau$'-modes
Collaboration: Turin
  T19 Publications
T20   $K^{*}$-spin, width of $\omega^{0}$, $K\overline{K}$ resonance, $\Delta Q = \Delta S$ rule
Collaboration: CERN-College de France
  T20 Publications
T21   Low energy $\overline{p}-n$, interactions
Collaboration: CERN-Pisa-Rome
  T21 Publications
T22   S=+2 resonances, K-jets
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-RHEL-Turin-UC London
T23   Branching ratio of $\eta^{0}$, study of 3 body $\eta^{0}$ decay, test for $\nu$-experiment
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-RHEL
T24   Pion production, p, 5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Berne-Rehovoth
  T24 Publications
T25   Peripheral and other interactions, $\pi^{-}$, 10 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN-Warsaw
  T25 Publications
T26   Test for $\nu$ experiment. $\pi^{-}$, 200 MeV/c - 3 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN
T27   Test for $\nu$  experiment. $\mu$, 500 MeV/c - 3 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN
T28   Test for $\nu$ experiment. $e^{-}$, 100 MeV/c - 1 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN
T29   Magnetic moment of $\Lambda^{0}$
Collaboration:Munich-High field propane chamber 
T30   $Y+\overline{Y}$ production; elastic and inelastic interactions; 3GeV/c to 4 GeV/c
Collaboration: Fast $\overline{p}$ groups 
  T30 Publications
T31   $Y+\overline{Y}$ production; elastic and inelastic interactions; 6 GeV/c
Collaboration: Fast $\overline{p}$ groups
  T31 Publications
T32   Inelastic $\pi-p$ collisions; high multiplicity jets; production of antinucleon
Collaboration: CERN-Hamburg
T33   Hyperfragments
Collaboration: Chicago
  T33 Publications
T34   Peripheral $\overline{p}-n$ interactions
Collaboration: Cambridge
T35   p-p interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-CERN
T36 CERN-TC-COM-65-13
Elastic + inelastic interactions, annihilations and charge exchange; pp-NN, n-interactions
Collaboration: Hamburg-Padua-Pisa
CERN-NPRC-54 T36 Publications
T37   $\pi^{-}$ nuclear interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Saclay
  T37 Publications
T38   Inelastic p-p scattering
Collaboration: Cambridge Bubble Chamber group
T39   Inelastic p-p scattering, strange particles and jets
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Cambridge-Genova-Hamburg-Krakow-Milan-Saclay-Stockholm-Vienna-Warsaw
T40   Strange particle production jets; scattering
Collaboration: CERN-Berlin-Hamburg-Polish groups-Vienna-Warsaw
CERN-NPRC-46 T40 Publications
T41 CERN-TC-COM-65-26 Strange particle resonances $K^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Birmingham-Glasgow-Oxford
CERN-NPRC-48 T41Publications
T42   Study of $d+d\rightarrow He^{4} + n\pi, d+d\rightarrow d+d+n \pi$
Collaboration: Brussels
  T42 Publications
T43   Elastic and inelastic scattering, antihyperon production of neutrons
Collaboration: Genova-Milano
T44   Hyperon-antihyperon production
Collaboration: Liverpool
T45   Inelastic $\pi^{+}$ neutron interactions
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
  T45 Publications
T46   Inelastic $\pi^{-}$ neutron interactions
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-CERN-Durham-Ecole Polytechnique-Florence-Institut Radium Paris
CERN-NPRC-44 T46 Publications
T47   Study of resonances; $K^{-}$, 900-1200 MeV/c replaced by T67
Collaboration: CERN-Brookhaven
  T47 Publications
T48   Study of $f^{0}$ and other heavy mesonic systems
Collaboration: Bologna-Saclay
T49   $K^{-}$ p interactions; existence of $\Omega$ particles
Collaboration: Cambridge-Munich
  T49 Publications
T50   Physics of $\Xi$'s; $K^{-}$, 2 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-UC London-RHEL
T51   $K^{-}-n$ interactions at 3 GeV/c
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Bologna-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-44 T51 Publications
T52 CERN-TC-COM-65-4 Positive strangeness resonances
Collaboration: Brussels-CERN-Munich-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-61 T52 Publications
T53   $K^{+}e$ decay modes
Collaboration: Genova-Torino
  T53 Publications
T54   Productions of excited hyperons
T55   $K^{+}$ interactions; KKY systems
Collaboration: Cambridge-CERN
  T55 Publications
T56   $\pi^{-}p$ interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-CERN-College de France-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan
T57   Test run: Munich High Field Propane Chamber
Collaboration: MPI Munich
T58   Study of $d+d\rightarrow He^{4} + n\pi, d+d\rightarrow d+d+n \pi$
Collaboration: Brussels
  T58 Publications
T59   Higher states of nucleons; T=2 pion resonances; $\pi{+}$, 5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Torino-Vienna
  T59 Publications
T60   Higher states of nucleons; T=2 pion resonances ; $\pi{+}$, 6 GeV/c
Collaboration: Durham-Ecole Polytechnique-Turin
T61   Double charge exchange $\pi^{-}He^{4}$; search for tetraneutron; scattering Rome HeBC
Collaboration: Bari-Genoa-Naples-Rome
T62   Strange particle resonances; $K^{-}p$ interactions
Collaboration: Birmingham-Glasgow-Imperial College-Oxford-RHEL
T63   $K^{+}$ p interactions; 14 GeV/c
Collaboration: Aachen-Cambridge-CERN-Hamburg-Krakow-Prague-Stockholm-Vienna-Warsaw
T64 CERN-TC-COM-65-5 $K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Imperial College-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-48 T64 Publications
T65   Inelastic p-p interactions; 8-10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Milan
  T65 Publications
T66   Branching ratio of $\omega^{0}$
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-UC London
T67   Study of resonances (replaces by T47); $K^{-}$, 900-1200 MeV/c
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
  T67 Publications
T68 CERN-TC-COM-66-14
Elastic and inelastic scattering, Y-productions on neutrons
Collaboration: Birmingham
  T68 Publications
T69   Study of resonances pion production; $\overline{p}$ ; 800-1200 MeV/c ; HBC 81
Collaboration: College de France-Institut du Radium Paris
T70   Study of resonances pion production; $\overline{p}$ ; 800-1200 MeV/c ; DBC 81
Collaboration: College de France-Institut du Radium Paris
T71   Neutral and charged mesonic systems with T=0
Collaboration: Bologna-Orsay-Saclay-Bari-Durham-Ecole Polytechnique-Florence-Institut Radium Paris
CERN-NPRC-44 T71 Publications
T72   ($\pi^{+}p \rightarrow p+$((multipion+) $\pi^{+}p\rightarrow N+++$(multipion neutral))
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
T73   $\pi^{+}$ interactions; 10 GeV/c
Collaboration: High Energy (Aachen-Berlin-Cambridge-CERN-Hamburg-Krakow-Prague-Stockholm-Vienna-Warsaw)
T74   p-p interactions; 10 GeV/c
Collaboration: High Energy (Aachen-Berlin-Cambridge-CERN-Hamburg-Krakow-Prague-Stockholm-Vienna-Warsaw)
  T74 Publications
T75   Technical run; $\pi^{-}$ , ~3GeV/c
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
T76   $K^{+}n \rightarrow KN\pi\pi$
Collaboration: Vienna
T77 CERN-TC-COM-65-64 $K^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Birmingham-Brussels-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Rutherford Lab.-Saclay
T78   $K^{-}p$ reactions. spin and parity of $Y^{\Xi}$
Collaboration: Padua-Pisa
T79   Search for quarks
Collaboration: CERN
T80 CERN-TC-COM-64-26 $\Upsilon \overline{\Upsilon}$ production, annihilations with K's
Collaboration: CERN-Orsay
T80 Publications
T81   Positive strangeness resonances
Collaboration: MPI Munich
T82 CERN-TC-COM-65-35
Quasi-elastic interactions
Collaboration: Alma Alta-Copenhagen-Helsinki-Oslo-Stockholm
CERN-NPRC-50 T82 Publications
T83   Pion production, p ; 4.2 GeV/c
Collaboration: Trieste
  T83 Publications
T84   Higher boson resonances, $\pi^{+}$, 6 GeV/c
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
  T84 Publications
T85   Highger pionic resonances, $\pi^{+}$, 12 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN
T86   $p\rightarrow\pi\gamma$ -decay
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
  T86 Publications
T87 CERN-TC-COM-65-66 $\pi^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Genoa-Hamburg-Milan-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-53 T87 Publications
T88 CERN-TC-COM-64-42 $\Lambda \overline{\Lambda}$ production, annihilations with K's
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique
T88 Publications
T89   $\pi^{-}$, p-interactions, 7-10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Alma-Ata
T90   $\pi^{-}$, p-interactions, 10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Alma-Ata
T91   p-p interactions, 7-10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Alma-Ata
T92   p, p-interactions, 20-24 GeV/c
Collaboration: Alma-Ata
T93   $\pi^{-}$, p-interactions; 4.5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Imperial College
T94   $K^{-}$, p-interactions ; 3 GeV/c
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Ecole-Saclay
  T94 Publications
T95   Exploratory survey, freon
Collaboration: CERN
  T95 Publications
T96 CERN-TC-COM-64-58
$\nu + p \rightarrow N^{*++} + \mu^{-}$
Collaboration: CERN
CERN-NPRC-53 T96 Publications
T97 CERN-TCC-64-65 $\pi^{+}$, d-interactions
Collaboration: Durham-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan
CERN-NPRC-61 T97 Publications
T98   Production K-meson
Collaboration: CERN-Ecole Polytechnique
  T98 Publications
T99 CERN-TC-COM-65-64 K+, p-interactions
Collaboration: Brussels-CERN
CERN-NPRC-53 T99 Publications
T100   $\overline{p} n$ annihilations
Collaboration: Padua-Pisa
  T100 Publications
T101   $\overline{p}p$ annihilations into K's
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Inst. du Radium-Liverpool
  T101 Publications
T102 CERN-TC-COM-64-69 Leptonic decays and scattering of hyperons
Collaboration: Heidelberg
T102 Publications
T103   Mesonic systems with T=2 - $\pi^{-}$, 4.5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Florence-Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-44 T103 Publications
T104 CERN-TC-COM-64-72

Mesonic systems with T=2- $\pi^{+}$, 4.5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Florence

CERN-NPRC-61 T104 Publications
T105 CERN-TCC-64-72 Mesonic systems with T=2
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Florence
  T105 Publications
T106 CERN-TC-COM-65-73
$\pi^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-Bonn-CERN-Heidelberg-Krakow-Warsaw
T106 Publications
T107 CERN-TC-COM-65-73
$\pi^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-Bonn-CERN-Heidelberg-Krakow-Warsaw
CERN-NPRC-54 T107 Publications
T108   $\overline{p}p\rightarrow\overline{\Lambda}KN$ and $\overline{\Lambda}KN\pi$
Collaboration: CERN-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-44 T108 Publications
T109 CERN-TC-COM-65-17 $K^{-}$, p-interaction
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-Rutherford Lab-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-73 T109 Publications
T110   Annihilation, inelastic interaction
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Inst. du Radium-Liverpool
  T110 Publications
T111   pp experimentin the range 4-6 GeV/c
Collaboration: Milan-Genova
  T111 Publications
T112 CERN-TC-COM-65-68
$K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Ecole Polytechnique-Nijmegen-Oxford-Saclay
T112 Publications
T113   Search for B=2 resonances
Collaboration: Cambridge
T114   $\beta$-decayof hypernuclei, free $\Lambda^{0}$ and $\Sigma^{+-}$; asymmetric parameters $\alpha$ from $\Lambda^{0}\rightarrow\pi^{-}+p$
Collaboration: Northwestern University
T115 CERN-TC-COM-65-53 Isobar production B=2 states
Collaboration: Imperial College
  T115 Publications
T116 CERN-TC-COM-65-48 Inelastic p, p-interactions
Collaboration: Cambridge-Imperial College
CERN-NPRC-53 T116 Publications
T117   Inelastic p-p interactions - p, 8GeV/c
Collaboration: Orsay-Saclay
  T117 Publications
T118   Inelastic p-p interactions - p, 13 GeV/c
Collaboration: Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-53 T118 Publications
T119 CERN-TC-COM-65-55 $K^{+}$, N-interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-63 T119 Publications
T120 CERN-TC-COM-65-55 $K^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-63 T120 Publications
T121 CERN-TC-COM-65-55 $K^{-}$, N-interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-63 T121 Publications
T122 CERN-TC-COM-65-55 $K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Berkeley-Ecole Polytechnique-Milan-Orsay-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-63 T122 Publications
T123 CERN-TC-COM-65-59 Study of $C^{0}$-D- and E-meson
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-54 T123 Publications
T124   Magnetic moment of $\Sigma^{+}$ - 1.17 GeV/c (test)
Collaboration: MPI Munich
  T124 Publications
T125   Magnetic moment of $\Sigma^{+}$ - 390 GeV/c
Collaboration: MPI Munich
T126 CERN-TC-COM-65-63 $K^{-}$, p-interactions; resonances
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-54 T126 Publications
T127 CERN-TC-COM-66-5 $\pi^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Krakow-Warsaw
  T127 Publications
T128 CERN-TC-COM-66-7
Collaboration: Milan-Pisa
  T128 Publications
T129 CERN-TCC-67-46 Study of D° and E°
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Inst. du Radium-Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-54 T129 Publications
T130 CERN-TC-COM-66-9
Study of Y (2040)
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-69 T130 Publications
T131 CERN-TC-COM-66-11 Study of resonances
Collaboration: Bologna-Florence
  T131 Publications
T132 CERN-TC-COM-66-31 Study of $X_{0}$ and $\pi^{0}\pi^{0}$ -system
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-Orsay
CERN-NPRC-76 T132 Publications
T133 CERN-TC-COM-66-30
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Orsay-Turin
T133 Publications
T134 CERN-TC-COM-66-38 $K_{e3}^{+}$ and $K^{+}_{\mu 3}$ decays
Collaboration: Aachen-Bari-Brussels-CERN
CERN-NPRC-76 T134 Publications
T135 CERN-TC-COM-66-42 $X^{0}$ decays; $\Xi$ properties
Collaboration: Aachen-Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique
  T135 Publications
T136 CERN-TC-COM-66-44
Structure in total cross section
Collaboration: Bologna-Glasgow-Rome-Trieste
CERN-NPRC-71 T136 Publications
T137 CERN-TC-COM-66-44
Structure in total cross section
Collaboration: Bologna-Glasgow-Rome-Trieste
CERN-NPRC-69 T137 Publications
T138 CERN-TC-COM-66-45 $\pi^{-}$, p-inelastic interactions
Collaboration: Saclay
  T138 Publications
T139 CERN-TC-COM-66-48
Bosonic + Baryonic resoances with S$\ne$0
Collaboration: Athens-Bologna-Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-75 T139 Publications
T140 CERN-TC-COM-66-49 Test exposure for T68
Collaboration: Birmingham
  T140 Publications
T141 CERN-TC-COM-66-50
$K^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Birmingham-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Oxford
CERN-NPRC-69 T141 Publications
T142 CERN-TCC-67-4 $\pi^{-}$, p-interactions resonances
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-62 T142 Publications
T143 CERN-TCC-67-15 Study of dipion and three pion, states to complement $\pi^{+}-d$ experiment
Collaboration: Bari-Bologna-Florence
CERN-NPRC-73 T143 Publications
T144 CERN-TCC-67-19 Study of heavy mesons
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-IPN-Liverpool-Saclay
  T144 Publications
T145 CERN-TCC-67-22
Study of heavy mesons strange particles
Collaboration: Athens-Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-81 T145 Publications
T146 CERN-TCC-67-23 $\overline{p}p$ interactions
Collaboration: Bologna
  T146 Publications
T147 CERN-TCC-67-23
$\overline{p}n$ interactions
Collaboration: Bologna-Padua-Pisa-Turin
CERN-NPRC-69 T147 Publications
T148 CERN-TC-COM-63-53
Production of resonances
Collaboration: Birmingham-Brussels-CERN-IPN Paris-Saclay
T148 Publications
T149 CERN-TCC-67-27 Production of resonances
Collaboration: Brussels-CERN-IPN Paris-Saclay
  T149 Publications
T150 CERN-TCC-67-32 $\pi^{+}p$ interactions
Collaboration: Durham-Genova-Hamburg-Milan-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-71 T150 Publications
T151 CERN-TC-COM-66-37 Inelastic $\mu$ p interactions
Collaboration: CERN-Oxford-Padua-Wisconsin
CERN-NPRC-65 T151 Publications
T152 CERN-TCC-67-44
T=2' $\overline{p}pi$ structure at 1.3 GeV
Collaboration: Bari, Bologna, Florence, Paris
CERN-NPRC-87 T152 Publications
T153 CERN-TCC-67-43 $\pi^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: DPPE-Saclay
- T153 Publications
T154 CERN-TCC-67-52 Study of $C^{0}$-, D- and E-meson
Collaboration: CERN-College de France-Rome-Trieste
CERN-NPRC-69 T154 Publications
T155 CERN-TCC-67-58 $\Delta$S=$\Delta$Q rule; CP invariance in leptonic K$\_{e3}$ decays
Collaboration: CERN-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-70 T155 Publications
T156 CERN-TCC-68-23 Resonances
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-69 T156 Publications
T157 CERN-TCC-67-36
Collaboration: Copenhagen-Helsinki-Oslo-Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-70 T157 Publications
T158 CERN-TCC-67-56 pp-interactions, 24 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bonn-Hamburg-Munich
T158 Publications
T159 CERN-TCC-67-56 pp-interactions, 12 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bonn-Hamburg-Munich
T159 Publications
T160 CERN-TCC-68-13 Annihilations
Collaboration: College de Francze-Ecole Polytechnique
CERN-NPRC-82 T160 Publications
T161   $\pi^{+}$ interactions
Collaboration: Bergen-Berkeley-Ecole Polytechnique-Madrid-Valencia-Milan-Orsay-Saclay-Strasbourg
T162 CERN-TCC-68-19 p,n-interactions
Collaboration: Alma-Ata
CERN-NPRC-87 T162 Publications
T163 CERN-TCC-68-23 Resonances $K ^{-}$; 1.27-1.40 GeV/c
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-81 T163 Publications
T164 CERN-TCC-67-66 Resonances, Hyperons, $K ^{-}$; 10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Imperial College-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-75 T164 Publications
T165 CERN-TCC-68-25 Capture of $K^{-}$ in pure propane
CERN-NPRC-82 T165 Publications
T166 CERN-PH-III-68-60 Neutron-and proton distribution in nuclear surface
Collaboration: Univ. College London
CERN-NPRC-81 T166 Publications
T167 CERN-TCC-69-4

Study of $\pi^{0}\pi^{0}$ system

Collaboration: Bergen-Ecole Polytechnique-Madrid-Orsay-Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-85 T167 Publications
T168 CERN-TCC-69-11 Systematic study of $K^{-}$, p interactions
Collaboration: College de France-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-81 T168 Publications
T169 CERN-TCC-69-12 Energy dependence of produced channels ; coherent production on deuterium
Collaboration: Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-87 T169 Publications
T170 CERN-TCC-69-19 Mesonic resonances
Collaboration: CERN-College de France
CERN-NPRC-84 T170 Publications
T171 CERN-TCC-69-21 $\sigma_{\tau}$ of $K^{+}N$ for I=0
Collaboration: Bologna-Glasgow-Rome-Trieste
CERN-NPRC-84 T171 Publications
T172 CERN-TCC-69-20
$\pi\pi$ -interaction; structure of $A_{2}$
Collaboration: CERN-Saclay
  T172 Publications
T173 CERN-TCC-69-27 Properties of U(2380)
Collaboration: Glasgow-IPN Paris-Lausanne-Liverpool-Neuchatel
  T173 Publications
T174 CERN-TCC-69-37
$K^{-}n \rightarrow \Lambda^{0}$ and $\rightarrow \pi^{-0}\Lambda^{0-}$
Collaboration: Birmingham-Edinburgh
CERN-NPRC-85 T174 Publications
T175 CERN-TCC-69-33 Resonances ; $K^{-}$, 0.6-0.8 GeV/c - HBC 81
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg
CERN-NPRC-84 T175 Publications
T176 CERN-TCC-69-33 Resonances; $K^{-}$, 0.6-0.8 GeV/c - DBC 81
Collaboration: CERN-Heidelberg
CERN-NPRC-84 T176 Publications
T177 CERN-TCC-69-35 Resonances, two body processes many body reactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Imperial College-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-88 T177 Publications
T178 CERN-TCC-69-42 $K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Rutherford Lab.
  T178 Publications
T179 CERN-TCC-69-43 Neutral meson states
Collaboration: Birmingham-Rutherford Lab.
CERN-NPRC-87 T179 Publications
T180 CERN-TCC-69-44 Resonances
Collaboration: Bologna-Florence-Genova-Milan
CERN-NPRC-87 T180 Publications
T181 CERN-TCC-69-44 Resonance; $\pi^{-}$, 11 GeV/c
Collaboration: Bologna-Florence-Genova-Milan
CERN-NPRC-107 T181 Publications
T182 CERN-TCC-69-52
$K{*}$ (1400) and Q-enhancement
Collaboration: Oxford
T182 Publications
T183 CERN-TCC-69-46 Isovector mesonic system; production mechanism
Collaboration: Bologna-Messina
  T183 Publications
T184 CERN-TCC-70-2 $\overline{p}p$-annihilations to pions
Collaboration: Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-91 T184 Publications
T185 CERN-TCC-70-12 $\nu$- and $\overline{\nu}$-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Brussels-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Milano-Orsay-UC London
T185 Publications
T186 CERN-TCC-70-14 Rarer channels of $K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-RHEL-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-91 T186 Publications
T187 CERN-TCC-70-11 $\pi, \pi$ -interaction A2 propoerties
Collaboration: Saclay
CERN-NPRC-91 T187 Publications
T188 CERN-TCC-70-15 $K^{+}$, n-interactions
Collaboration: Brussels-IPN Paris-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-88 T188 Publications
T189 CERN-TCC-70-19 p, carbon coherent cross section
Collaboration: Orsay
CERN-NPRC-106 T189 Publications
T190 CERN-TCC-70-20 e-$\mu$ exchange symmetry; structure of nucleon
Collaboration: Padua-Univ of Wisconsin
  T190 Publications
T191 CERN-TCC-70-22 Study of $\eta$' -meson
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-96 T191 Publications
T192 CERN-TCC-70-33
Formation of high mass bosons
Collaboration: Copenhagen-Helsinki-Oslo-Stochkolm
  T192 Publications
T193 CERN-TCC-70-34 Pomeron and other exchanges in $NN \rightarrow NN \pi$
Collaboration: Scandinavian
  T193 Publications
T194 CERN-TCC-70-34 Pomeron and other exchanges in $NN \rightarrow NN \pi$
Collaboration: Scandinavian 
CERN-NPRC-93 T194 Publications
T195 CERN-TCC-70-36 Annihilations, baryon resonances, hyperons
Collaboration: Amsterdam
  T195 Publications
T196 CERN-TCC-70-37 $\Lambda^{0}p-$ and $\Sigma^{-}p-$ interaction
Collaboration: Cambridge
CERN-NPRC-95 T196 Publications
T197 CERN-TCC-70-39 Strange particle production
Collaboration: Haifa-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-95 T197 Publications
T198 CERN-TCC-71-32 Strange particle production
Collaboration: Haifa-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-95 T198 Publications
T199 CERN-TCC-70-40 K-, n-interactions in pure I=1 channels
Collaboration: Munich
  T199 Publications
T200 CERN-TCC-69-22 Experiment on $\pi^{-}p$ interactions at 4 GeV/c
- T200 Publications
T201 CERN-TCC-70-45 $\pi^{+}p$ interactions
Collaboration:Aachen - Bonn - CERN - Warsaw
T201 Publications
T202 CERN-TCC-70-46 Dalitz plot structure
Collaboration: Padua-Rome-Trieste
CERN-NPRC-95 T202 Publications
T203 CERN-TCC-70-43 pn-interactions
Collaboration: Strasbourg-Tel Aviv
- T203 Publications
T204 CERN-TCC-70-44 Resonances
Collaboration: Pisa
- T204 Publications
T205 CERN-TCC-69-26
$\Sigma^{+}$ magnetic moment
Collaboration: Copenhagen-Munich-Vanderbilt Univ
CERN-NPRC-93 T205 Publications
T206 CERN-TCC-70-51 $K^{+}p$ elastic scattering
Collaboration: Bologna-Glasgow-Trieste
- T206 Publications
T207 CERN-TCC-71-17 Search for penetrating particles
Collaboration: Aachen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Milano-Orsay-UC London
CERN-NPRC-97 T207 Publications
T208 CERN-TCC-71-18 $k^{0}_{L}$ three body decays
Collaboration: Glasgow-Pisa-RHEL
CERN-NPRC-100 T208 Publications
T209 CERN-TCC-71-25 A large statistics K$^{-}$p. Exposure at 8.25 GeV/c in the 2 m HBC
Collaboration: Birmingham-CERN-Glasgow-Heidelberg-LPNHE Paris
T209 Greybook
T209 Publications
T210 CERN-TCC-71-26 $\overline{p}$, n-interactions as function of energy
Collaboration: Lausanne-Neuchâtel-Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-116 T210 Publications
T211 CERN-TCC-71-32 $K^{-}n$ interactions, in the c.m Energy Region around 1 GeV and 2 GeV
Collaboration: Birmingham
T211 Greybook
T211 Publications
T212 CERN-TCC-71-37
$K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-London-Vienna
- T212 Publications
T213 CERN-TCC-71-42 Multi-neutral channels in $\overline{p}$-annihilation
Collaboration: Bergen-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Strasbourg
CERN-NPRC-103 T213 Publications
T214 CERN-TCC-71-47 $K^{-}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-RHEL-Saclay
CERN-NPRC-107 T214 Publications
T215 CERN-TCC-71-48 Diffraction dissociationb, resonances, etc.
Collaboration: Athens-Demokritos-Vienna
CERN-NPRC-107 T215 Publications
T216 CERN-TCC-72-4
K,p- and $\overline{K}$, p-
Collaboration: Cambridge-Imperial College-Westfield College
CERN-NPRC-116 T216 Publications
T217 CERN-TCC-72-9 Resonances, hyperons etc.
Collaboration: Haifa-Rehovoth
CERN-NPRC-116 T217 Publications
T218 CERN-TCC-72-10 Quantum numbers and branching fractions of $\Sigma$(2250) and $\Lambda$(2350)
Collaboration: College de France-Saclay
- T218 Publications
T219 CERN-TCC-72-12 $K^{0}_{l3}$-form factors
Collaboration: College de France-Ecole Polytechnique-Orsay
- 219 Publications
T220 CERN-TCC-72-6 K-, p-interactions-interactions
Collaboration: Aachen-Berlin-CERN-London-Vienna
220 Publications
T221 CERN-TCC-72-7 $\Sigma$(1765) and possible $\Upsilon^{*}$
Collaboration: Imperial College-RHEL
CERN-NPRC-110 T221 Publications
T222 CERN-TCC-72-17 Heavy meson production, two-body and quasi two-body final states
Collaboration: Amsterdam-College de France-Liverpool-Strasbourg-Tel-Aviv
- T222 Publications
T223 CERN-TCC-72-18
$K^{+}$, p-interactions
Collaboration: Napples-Nijmegen-Padova
CERN-NPRC-120 T223 Publications
T224 CERN-TCC-72-31 p- and n- cross section; inelastic processes
Collaboration: Aachen-Bari-Bergen-Brussels-CERN-Ecole-Polytechnique-Milano-Orsay-Padova-Strasbourg-Torino-UCL
- T224 Publications
T225 CERN-TCC-72-35 Survey of problems of high energy analysis
Collaboration: Pisa
- T225 Publications
T226 CERN-TCC-72-39 Inclusive reactions, annihilations
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Liverpool
CERN-NPRC-116 T226 Publications
T227 CERN-TCC-73-1 Study of Hypercharge Exchange Reactions and  Resonance Properties in $\pi^{-}p$ Interactions at 4 GeV/c in 2m Bubble Chamber
Collaboration: Bergen-College de france-Ecole Polytechnique-Madrid
T227 Greybook
T227 Publications
T228 CERN-TCC-73-8 Neutral currents
Collaboration: Aachen-Brussels-CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Milano-Orsay-Univ. Coll.

T228 Publications
T229 CERN-TCC-73-17 $\pi^{-}$D experiment in 2m DBC at 21 GeV/c
Collaboration: Cracow-Warsaw-Cambridge
- T229 Publications
T230 CERN-TCC-73-24
Neutral currents
Collaboration: Aachen-CERN
CERN-NPRC-121 T230 Publications
T231 CERN-TCC-73-15 Study of performance of BEBC with a 24 GeV/c p beam
Collaboration: Bonn-Hamburg-Munich
- T231 Publications
T232 CERN-TCC-73-33 $k^{0}_{L}$ decays, interactions
Collaboration: Bologna-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Pisa-RHEL
- T232 Publications
T233 CERN-TCC-73-35 $k^{0}_{L}p$ I=0 Z* reson
Collaboration: BNL-Birmingham
- T233 Publications
T234 CERN-TCC-73-36 $\overline{n}p$interactions in the two-metre HBC by using an $\overline{n}$ beam at 3.5 GeV/c
Collaboration: Strasbourg-Tel Aviv
- T234 Publications
T235 CERN-TCC-73-39 Proposal for a 30 K exposure of $\pi^{+}$ at 20 GeV/c - LINAC/Orsay
Collaboration: Orsay
- T235 Publications
T236 CERN-TCC-74-16-Add-1 Study of $K^{-}p$ interactions betwen 450 and 900 MeV/cFormation of S=-1 baryon resonances
Collaboration: Imperial College
T236 Greybook
T236 Publications
T237 CERN-TCC-74-25-Add-1 High Statistics Antiproton-Proton Experiments at 7.3 GeV/c
Collaboration: Amsterdam-Athens-Democritos-Liverpool-Vienna
T237 Greybook
T237 Publications
T238 CERN-TCC-74-34 $K^{+}d$
Collaboration: Muons
- T238 Publications
T239 CERN-TCC-76-6
A High Statistics High Resolution Measurement of the Total and Partial Antiproton-Proton Cross Sections between 1900 and 1965 MeV Total C.M. Energy
Collaboration: CERN-Roma
T239 Greybook T239 Publications
T240 CERN-TCC-73-46 Study $\pi$° Production in 19 GeV/c pp Interactions in BEBC
Collaboration: Scandinavian
- T240 Publications
T241 CERN-TCC-74-32 Test use of external wire chambers with BEBC
Collaboration: CERN-Saclay
- T241 Publications
T242 CERN-TCC-75-3 $\Sigma^{-}p$ and $\Sigma^{-}d$ interactions at 20 GeV/c
Collaboration: Strasbourg
- T242 Publications
T243 CERN-TCC-75-8
$\overline{p}p$ interactions in BEBC at ~10 GeV/c
Collaboration: Imperial College-CERN
- T243 Publications
T244 CERN-TCC-75-14 $\overline{p}D$ annihilation
Collaboration: Demokritos
- T244 Publications
T245   Not found
- T245 Publications
T246/T248 CERN-TCC-75-27
Antiproton-Deuterium Interactions at 12 GeV/c
Collaboration: Helsinki-Stockholm-Strasbourg
T246 Greybook T246 Publications
T248 Publications
T247 CERN-TCC-75-28-Add-1 dd Interactions at 14 GeV/c
Collaboration: Strasbourg
- T247 Publications
T249 CERN-TCC-76-10 pp collisions in the HBC200
Collaboration: LPNHE-Paris
- T249 Publications
T250 PSC-P-5 A High Statistics High Resolution Measurement of the Total and Partial $\overline{p}$d Cross Sections between 1900 and 1965 MeV Total C.M. Energy
Collaboration: CERN-Frascati-Padua-Rome-Trieste
T250 Greybook T250 Publications



PS Programme - X* experiments - Ecole Polytechnique 1 m HLC

List of publication covering bubble chamber experiments carried out at CERN during the period 1960-1975 - Copiled by E.W.D. Steel

Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment CDS
X0   $\pi^{-}$ 6,8 and 11 GeV/C
Collaboration: CERN-Milan-Saclay-Berkeley-LAL-Orsay-Ecole Polytechnique
  X0 Publications
X1   $\Delta Q = \Delta S$ rule, $K^{+}$, 800 MeV/c
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-Padua
  X1 Publications
X2   $K{+}$ decay spectrum
Collaboration: CERN-Ecole Polytechnique-Nijmegen-Padua-Turin-UC London
CERN-NPRC-41 X2 Publications
X3   Leptonic decay $\Sigma^{+-}$ and $\Lambda^{0}$
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-Padua
  X3 Publications
X4   $K^{0}_{2} \rightarrow \pi^{0} \pi^{0}$ branching ratio
Collaboration: Ecole Polytechnique-LINAC-Orsay
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