DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Since 2014, CERN is a full member of DataCite and offers a centralised DOI registration service, operated by the Open Science section within the Scientific Information Service. The service enables multiple platforms to use CERN-issued DOIs.

Service providers at CERN can get their own client account and prefix to manage DOI registration for their users. You can also send us a ticket: Digital Object Identifier Registration Service, for general questions about the DOI registration service at CERN, about DOI metadata or creating, updating and publishing DOIs.

Individual DOIs are not issued directly through this service. DOIs are provided by the various CERN services that issue DOIs:

CERN Document Server (CDS)

Preprints, articles, theses, reports, brochures, videos etc. produced by CERN members can be submitted to the CERN Document Server (CDS). After signing in with a CERN account, you can submit your work to CDS and request a DOI by contacting the CERN Library Desk

CERN Open Data Portal

CERN Open Data Portal preserves and curates the output from various research activities performed at CERN. Derived data, simulated data, software, workflows, and documentation from LHC experiments are minted with a DOI once published on the CERN Open Data Portal after an embargo period (if applicable). This ensures that data generated through research at CERN is publicly available for reuse and persistently citable. To publish there, you will need to contact the CERN Open Data Portal team.


To suggest content to INSPIRE, you need an ORCID iD for the login process. After that, you can suggest a preprint, an article, a book, a conference proceeding or a thesis you would like to see added to INSPIRE. The INSPIRE team curates content according to their content policy. Accepted content that is not already assigned to a persistent identifier (PID) will get a DOI before publication.

Publishing with CERN

There are multiple options to publish content with CERN and gain a DOI, such as the CERN Yellow Reports for example. For more information on how to publish with CERN, please see How and where to publish.

Publishing outside CERN

You can publish your work outside CERN with a regular publisher, e.g. the American Physical Society. If the work is accepted for publication, the publisher will assign a persistent identifier (PID).


Zenodo is a multi-purpose research data repository hosted and developed at CERN. The service generally preserves research, educational and informational content and mints DOIs for every record.

Research related data, software, multimedia content, slides, and publications up to 50 GB per record can be uploaded on Zenodo without cost. Users can log in using their ORCID iD or GitHub account as an alternative to registering a new account on Zenodo. Every record is assigned to a DOI and additionally gets a “concept DOI” that enables the tracking of citations and usage statistics across multiple versions of the record. Additionally, software developers can easily preserve their GitHub repositories by pushing them to Zenodo. Every software version release will be minted with a DOI and is thus persistently citable.

More information about DOI on Persistent identifiers for objects

Last modified
28 March, 2023