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In 1952 Professor C. Bakker became Leader of the group responsible for the design and construction of the CERN Synchro-Cyclotron (SC). The design of the original Synchro-Cyclotron machine with a circumference of 15.7 metres started in 1953, before CERN came into existence. Building and construction for the machine began in 1954 on the site at Meyrin and the objective was an accelerator producing protons of 600 MeV energy with an average beam intensity of 1mA.

In August 1957 the first beams were accelerated in the SC machine. .

The experimental programme began in April 1958.

In 1961 the SC division, renamed the Synchro-Cyclotron Machine (MSC).

In 1976 the MSC and MPS (Machine Proton Synchrotron) Divisions were amalgamated to form the Proton Synchrotron (PS) Division. The Cyclotron Development (CD) and Cyclotron Operation (COP) groups moved to PS Division.

SC Division Leaders

C. Bakker (1952-1954)

W. Gentner (1955-1960)

G. Bernardini (1958-1960)

P. Preiswerk (1959-1960)

P. Lapostolle (1961-1963)

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 1962 - 1970

SC Division Leaders

G. Brianti (1964-1967)

E.G. Michaelis (1968-1975)

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SC-ADM Administration E. Michaelis
SC-EN Engineering F. Blythe
SC-OP Operation Picco / F. Franzetti / M. Lazanski 
SC-PR New Projects Barbier / N. Vogt-Nilsen
SC-SD Studies & Development H. Berger
SC- Development & Research (1962) L. Dick
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