Author guidelines

CERN Author

CERN Operational Circular 6 defines 'CERN Author (of a particular document) is any author of that document who, the time the work described was carried out, was either :
a) a Staff member or Fellow (Staff Rules, Article I 2.02 a), not on special leave (Staff Regulations, Article R II 4.29); or,
b) an Associated member of the personnel (Staff Rules, Article I 2.02 b) allowed by his Division Leader to use CERN as his affiliation on the document.'

CERN Affiliation format

In order to ease the retrieval of CERN scientific publications, we recommend CERN Authors to use the following format for their affiliation:

CERN - 1211 Geneva 23 - Switzerland


xxx Department, CERN - 1211 Geneva 23 - Switzerland
(where xxx is the acronym for the department concerned)

as indicated in the CERN Operational Circular 6.


As per CERN Operational Circular 6 when a CERN Scientific Document is based on the work of a large team or several teams, it may be published without individually named authors, simply under the name of CERN and/or that of the collaboration(s) concerned. For work resulting from CERN experiments, it is strongly encouraged to mention the collaboration name or CERN Experiment ID in the collaboration field as many CERN Open Access agreements allow automatic recognition of collaboration papers if they can be identified as such.

Open access

See the CERN Open Access Policy

CERN strives to have all articles published under the CC-BY-4.0 license. For papers originating from large collaborations, the copyright is vested in CERN. For all other papers, the copyright remains with the authors.

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1 April, 2021