Wolfgang Pauli Archive

Wolfgang PauliThe CERN Archives has custody of the Pauli Archive, a private collection of scientific books, reprints, correspondence and manuscripts of the late Professor Wolfgang Pauli, Nobel Laureate, 1945 (link is external). The Pauli Archive also includes many photographs, Pauli's Nobel Prize and other scientific awards. Consult the Pauli Archive guide to find more information about Pauli Archive.

CERN received this collection of documents after Pauli's death in 1958. Then his widow assisted by Charles Enz, Pauli's last assistant, took on the task of administering Pauli's scientific legacy. They approached colleagues to help in reassembling his imposing scientific correspondence. In these letters the new ideas in physics were discussed much as they now are in journals. 

Mrs. Pauli was also assisted by Victor Weisskopf, one of Pauli's first assistants, who was to become Director-General of CERN in 1961.  In 1960 she began the process of bequeathing Pauli's scientific legacy to CERN, where a specially dedicated Pauli Memorial Room (Salle Pauli) has been created.

Today, access to the Collection is under the responsibilty of the CERN Archives and permission to publish or quote from Pauli's work must be obtained from the Pauli Committee, via the CERN Archivist. The present chairman of the Committee is Wolfgang Lerche. 

From 1928 until his death in 1958 Wolfgang Pauli was a professor at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, so many interesting documents relating to him are also held in their Archive (link is external) (contact information (link is external)).

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