Archives of Large Hadron Collider, LHC

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CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-01-001 to 1-05-001
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-01-001 to 2-10-001
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-001 to 3-137
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Archives of Large Hadron Collider, LHC


April 1983 to April 2001

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LHC Division, CERN

Administrative history

In December 1994 CERN's governing body, the Council, officially approved the construction of CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - a technologically challenging super conducting ring, which will be installed in the existing LEP tunnel - to provide proton-proton collisions at energies 10 times greater than any previous machine. One of the fundamental questions it will address is that of the mechanism which gives matter its mass. The LHC will bring protons and ions into head-on collisions at higher energies than ever achieved before, allowing scientists to recreate conditions prevailing just after the "Big-Bang".

LHC Project organisation is managed by the LHC Project Leader, L. Evans (1994- ), supported by the Project Management team and the Project Leader's Office.

In 1990: creation of Accelerator Technology (AT) Division, which with MT (Mechanical Technology), PS and SL Divisions, formed the accelerator sector (AC).

In 1994: AT reported to the newly created Accelerator and Technology Board.

In 1996: creation of LHC Division, mainly from the former AT directed by JP Gourber until 1999 and Ph. Lebrun from 1999.

In 2003, the new Accelerator Technology (AT) Division emerged from the former LHC Dvision in the reorganisation of the Accelerator Sector.

Immediate source of acquisition or transfer

Henrichsen, Knud, LHC Division
Karlson-Forestier, Jill, LHC Project Leader's Office
Maio, Susan, LHC Division

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Scope and content

This collection includes AC, AT and LHC divisional and other reports, also publication (project notes, minutes of meetings and workshops).

Appraisal, destruction and scheduling information

Nothing was destroyed.


Further accruals are expected.

System of arrangement

The original order has been preserved. For the purposes of cataloguing the files have been described according to the following plan :

CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-   :    Divisional and departmental reports 

CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-01-001 to 003 AT Divisional reports 1990 to 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-02-001 AC Divisional reports 1990 to 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-03-001 to 002 LHC Disional reports 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-04-001 AT Departmental reports 2007 to 2008
CERN-ARCH-LHC-1-05-001 AT Sector (ATS) reports 2009


CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-   :   Notes, specifications, chronos and other documents classified by groups 

CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-01-001 to 034 LHC Project reports, LHC Notes, LHC Project notes and LHC Project cost estimates
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-02-001 to 007 AT-MA & LHC-MMS Technical notes, 1990-2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-03-001 to 014 AT-MA & LHC-MMS Internal notes, 1990-2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-04-001 to 009 AT-MA & LHC-MMS Technical specifications, 1991-2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-05-001 to 004 AT-MA & LHC-MMS Chronos, 1996-2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-06-001 to 005 LHC-MMS Visit reports, conferences and workshops
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-07-001 to 003 LHC-EET Internal notes, 1997 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-08-001 to 003 LHC-MTA Internal notes, 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-09-001 to 003 LHC-VAC Technical notes, 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-2-10-001 AT-RF Internal notes, 1992


CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-   :   LHC and AT committees

CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-001 to 023, 092 & 118 to 120 LHCC Reports 1992 to 2003
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-024 to 027 & 081 Minutes of the LHC Technical Co-ordination Committee (TCC) 1997 to 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-028 to 030 & 125 to 132 Minutes of the LHC MAin Ring Committee (MARIC) meetings 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-031 to 033 Minutes of Monday Morning Meeting (MMMG) 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-034 to 039 & 082 Minutes of LHC Experiment Machine Interface Committee (LEMIC) 1994 to 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-040 to 045 & 084 Minutes of the Technical Committee (TC) 1994 to 2001
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-046 to 047 Summary of LHC steering committee for magnets and cryogenics 1994 and 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-048 to 051 & 083 Minutes of the parameters and layout committee (P&LC) 1997 to 2001
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-052 to 053 Minutes of the LHC with Four Feed Points Committee 1994 - 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-054 Transparencies presented at the workshop on LHC technology, October 1993
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-055 Mini-workshop on LHC Dipole, September 1994
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-056 Minutes of the 1st to 6th LHC Electronics Board (LEB), from 3rd October 1996 to 17th March 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-057 Minutes of the LHC Computing Board (LCB) meetings, from 22nd August 1996 to 24th March 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-058 Minutes of the LHC Committee meetings, from 14th February 1989 to 8th December 1993
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-059 to 060 Minutes of the Detector Research and Development Committee (DRDC) meetings,1990 to 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-061 to 064 LHC Publications, experimental programme, second workshop on eletronics for LHC experiments
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-065 to 073 Meeting of the LHC Machine Advisory Committee (MAC) 1995 to 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-074 Summary record of the 3rd meeting of the LHC Board and related documents 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-75 Minutes of the LHC Management Board 1996 to 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-76 Minutes of the 3rd meeting of the CERN-US Cooperation Committee (CUCOM) 1998
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-077 to 080 LHC Project seminars 1992 to 2001
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-085 to 091 Miscellaneous, conceptual design and studies
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-093 to 100 LHC Project workshops and seminars 1995 to 2000
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-101 Minutes of the Experimental Requirements Committee (ERC), from 19th May 1991 to 14th February 1994
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-102 to 103 Early LHC project, Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory (SSC) 1984-1992
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-104 Early LHC project, SC Europe (European firms in field of superconductors)
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-105 to 106 Early LHC project, meetings of the LHC Group 1983-1990, photocopies of Director's transparencies LHC 1993 - 1995
CERN-ARCH-LHC-3-107 to 108 Minutes of the 103rd to 197th Energy Calibration meetings 1996 to 2000


CERN-ARCH-LHC-4-  : By owners

CERN-ARCH-LHC-4-1-001 to 014 Lyn Evans files, LHC Project leader,
Chronofiles 1990 to 2003
CERN-ARCH-LHC-4-2-001 Gouache, Jean-Claude, Internal Audit Service

Conditions of access and use [Top]

Conditions governing access

See file level description and the CERN operational circular No 3: rules applicable to archival material and archiving at CERN. In general, records on any subject that are over 30 years old, and all records of a purely scientific nature, may be consulted.

Conditions governing reproduction

Copyright is retained by CERN, no reproduction without permission.

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Most of the material is written in English and French.

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Listed to file level in the CERN Archives Database.

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Accelerator Technologies division, AT (1990-1995) - Large Hadron Collider, LHC (1996-1998) - Accelerator Sector, AC (1990-1995) collections are not fully catalogued.

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Archivist's note

Description prepared by Sandrine Reyes.

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Geneva, the 19th June 2001, Revised 2007.