Director-General Office Sector (DG), 2009 - Present

R. Heuer

In 2009 the CERN management changed and adopted a new organisational structure. A number of groups formely in Directorate Services Units (DSU) became part of the Director-General Office Sector, reporting either directly to the DG or to the Director for Administration and General Infrastructure, S. Lettow (CS, EU, LS, TM, RPC) or to the Director for Accelerators and Technology, S. Meyers (PRJ):

  • DG-AS - Administrative Support Group
  • DG-CO - Communication
  • DG-CS - Council Secretariat
  • DG-DG - Director-General
  • DG-DI - Directorate
  • DG-ER - External Relations
  • DG-EU - EU Projects Office
  • DG-IA - Internal Audit
  • DG-KTT - Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • DG-LS - Legal Service
  • DG-PRJ - Project Office
  • DG-RH - Relations with Host States
  • DG-RPC - Resources Planning and Control
  • DG-SC - Safety Commission
  • DG-SCG - General Safety
  • DG-SCH - Office of the Safety Commission Leader
  • DG-SCI - Integrated Safety and Environment
  • DG-SCR - Radiation Protection
  • DG-TM - Translation and Minutes
  • DG-VV - VIP and Protocol Office
  • PF - Pension Fund Administration
  • PF-DI - Departmental Infrastructure

In 2010 the Safety Commission Unit (SC) became the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE).

In 2013 VIP Office was renamed Protocol Office.

In 2014 the Education group and in 2015 the Development and innovation Unit were transfered into the DG Office Sector.

F. Gianotti

In 2016 the CERN management changed and adopted a new organizational structure. CERN activities were regrouped into four sectors plus Units attached to the Director-General:

The number of units directed attached to the DG were reduced, mainly due to the creation of the International Relations Sector (IR) and the relocation of the Resources Planning, Processes and Controlling unit to the Finance and Administrative Processes Department (FAP).

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18 July, 2020