Electronics and Computing for Physics Division (ECP), 1990 - 1997

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P. G. Innocenti

In 1990 Experimental Physics Facilities Division (EF) disappeared and most of its staff moved to the newly created Electronics and Computing for Physics Division (ECP).

The ECP mission was to provide front-end electronics, trigger, data-aquisition, online and offline computing support to the LEP, PS and SPS experiments and to the LHC test beam facilities. In parallel it was in charge of physics related electronics and computing developments for the LHC and other future experiments and R&D projects.

ECP division was divided into two major units:

  • The Computing sub-division contained five groups, organised according to related technical activities
    • Read-out architectures
    • DAQ Systems
    • Data processing systems
    • Software technologies
    • Technical Support
  • The Electronics sub-division contained seven groups distributed over two sectors: Support and Design.
    • the support groups provided assistance with Electronics Pool Equipment, Instrumentation, Quality Assurance and Product engineering.
    • the design groups designed and supported electronics systems for a number of CERN experiments and detectors.

The division was also host to the Secretariat of the Scientific Committees (SPSC, SPSLC, LEPC, ISOLDE Committee, LHCC, DRDC, Research Board....) and responsible for the secretariat of the machine coordinators.

M. Turala
In 1998 ECP was dissolved. A part of ECP Division and PPE Division merged to form Experimental Physics Division (EP) while the other part of ECP Division moved to the IT Division.
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