Education and Technology Transfer (ETT), 2000 - 2004

J. A. Rubio

ETT was responsible for demonstrating and communicating to social groups and society at large, in co-operation with the collaborating institutes, the scientific results archived by the CERN programme, with their cultural and educational implications, as well as the technologies and methods developed in the accomplishment of CERN's basic mission.

It included the groups from Administrative Support (AS) Division:

  • Scientific Information Service
  • Education and Communication
  • Document Handling

and also the Industry and Technology Liaison Office, from Directorate Services Unit (DSU) Division renamed:

  • Technology Transfer
In 2004, ETT was discontinued. Scientific Information Service, Education and Communication and Technology Transfer Groups joined the Directorate Services Unit (DSU) while Document Handling Group moved to the Information Technology (IT) Division.
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18 July, 2020