Personnel Division (PE), 1964 - 1999

G. Ullman

A reorganization of the former Administration Division led to the creation of the Personnel Division on 1 January 1964. The Administrative Service, Training and Education Section and Personnel Service moved to the Personnel Division , while the Purchasing Office moved to Finance Division, and the Translation and Minutes Service and Public Information Office moved to Central Services (CS) .

PE division , in collaboration with the other division s of CERN, was concerned with recruitment and selection : staff development and promotion ; staff relation s, consultation and communication s; the fellows and visitors programme; training and education , condition s of employment; welfare and staff services. It was also responsible for CERN office services.

In 1966 under the new structure approved by the Council in June, the Personnel Division together with Finance Division, Technical Services and Building Division, the Health Physics and General Safety Groups, the Public Information Office, the General Services and the Translation and Minutes service were brought together in the Administration Department.

In 1969 the division underwent a major reorganization . As a result of the increase in the number of personnel working at CERN, it had become necessary to remodel the internal organization of the division to make it better fitted to meet the more complex needs of the organization . The Personnel, Fellows and Visitors, Salary Administration , Training and Education , Medical, Welfare, and Office Services Groups and Scientific Conference Secretariat were regrouped in 3 Services : Personnel Management Service, Education Service and the Staff Advisory Service

In 1969 the Division initiated studies on management problems, paying attention to management training and regular training perio ds to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of the staff.

In 1971 CERN was administratively separated into two laboratories and the Personnel Division remained part of the Administration Department of Laboratory I.

In 1976 it became independent, when the departmental structure was discontinued.

In 1982 PE division became a department integrated into the Administration Unit (until 1985).

In 1986 PE Department became again PE Division

W. O. Lock
G. Ullman
F. Niemann
C. E. Rufer
G. A. Martinez
W. Middelkoop
B. Angerth
W. Blair  
J. van der Boon
In 2000 the name of PE Division was changed to HR Division.
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