4 Dec/23
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Book presentation - Prima del Big Bang


52/1-052 at CERN

Gian Francesco Giudice will present his new book in the CERN Library:Prima del Big Bang / Gian Francesco Giudice. Rizzoli, 2023.The presentation will be in Italian, followed by a Q&A and signing sessions. The book is available from the CERN Library & BookshopAbstract:The origin of the cosmos has always intrigued human mind, but never before has humanity been so close to understanding the beginning of the universe. Advances in particle physics and accurate astronomical observations provide an increasingly convincing picture of the processes that started the Big Bang. The story of how physicists inferred the existence of the Big Bang and understood how it works tells one of the most extraordinary scientific adventures, which involves different spheres of human thought.Bio:Gian Francesco Giudice is the Head of the CERN Department for Theoretical Physics. His research focuses on the formulation of new theories beyond the Standard Model of particle interactions and their implications for the early history of the Universe.