Nucleonica web portal

11 April, 2023

Did you know that the CERN Library grants you access to the Nucleonica web portal?

In addition to providing the nuclear data of nuclides, the platform offers a range of web-based applications for calculations, including Decay Engine, Dosimetry & Shielding, Gamma Spectrum Generator, and Range & Stopping Power. A range of web-based display tools are also available on the platform: Nuclide Datasheets, Nuclide Search/Radiation Search, Fission Yields, and a variety of Nuclide Charts.

You can register for a basic account using your CERN email address and your account will be automatically upgraded to Premium. The Premium account gives you access to all nuclides and applications on the portal.

Nuclide charts in paper formats are available to borrow from the CERN Library Catalogue. They can also be ordered via the CERN Bookshop: Wall map and Folding map.

For any question, please contact: @email