Technical Support (TS) Department, 2004 - 2008

P. Ciriani

In 2004 Technical Support Division (ST) and Engineering Support and Technologies Division (EST) Divisions merged to form Technical Support Department (TS).

The mandate of the Technical Support Department is to ensure monitoring and operation, and provide support for the technical infrastructure of CERN, accelerators, experiments and services related to the site operation and maintenance. It is in charge of the maintenance of sites and buildings, cleaning, gardening and access surveillance to sites and provides general services like transport, mail and housing. Technical support is provided, partly by outsourced contracts, in the fields of :

  • Civil Engineering, including all phases from preliminary design to construction management and hand-over of complete structures.
  • Positioning Metrology and Surveying of components for accelerator systems and experimental detectors.
  • Electrical Engineering related to the power distribution network from 400 kV to low voltage, including design, operation and maintenance, cabling and optical fiber installation.
  • Mechanical Engineering for:

    • Cooling, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating for all accelerators and experimental areas as well as for the rest of the site infrastructure.
    • Heavy handling, lifting equipment and special vehicles.
    • Components of accelerators and experiments.

All the above activities include design, construction and installation as well as operation and maintenance. Additionally, the Department is in charge of:

Coordination of the installation of the LHC Machine and its injection lines up to and including hardware commissioning.

Support for the LHC Experimental Areas and coordination of machine/detectors interfaces.

In 2009 the CERN management changed and adopted a new organizational structure. TS Department was discontinued. The most of the groups joined the Engineering Department and General Infrastructure Services Department (GS) to form with the Human Resources Department the Sector of Administration and General Infrastructure.
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18 July, 2020