Soutien Technique (ST) Division / Technical Support, 1986 - 2003

F. Ferger

At the end of 1985 the existing services of Technical Services and Buildings Division (SB) were regrouped into a new Technical Support Division (known as ST, derived from the initials of the French title of the division: Soutien Technique).

The groups were:

  • Mechanical Support Group (ST-MA): Transport and Heavy Handling, Maintenance Work on the Vehicle Fleet and Main Workshop.
  • Special Technologies Group (ST-TE ).
  • Electrical Installations and Alarm System (ST-EL).
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Group (ST-CV).
  • Site Management Group (ST-SM): Design Studies and Works, Maintenance and Emergency Repairs, Site Management, Mail.
  • Logistics Group (ST-LO) with Sections : Stores, Transport and Distribution.
  • Monitoring and Communications Group : Power Distribution System, Alarms, Design Studies and Works.

In 1989 for administrative purposes, the TIS Commission was linked to ST Division.

In 1990 part of ST Division went to the newly created division called Mechanical Technologies Division (MT).

ST Division's mandate was to provide technical support for accelerators and related experimental areas, including the LHC project, in the field of civil engineering, cooling with air and demineralised water, heavy water, heavy handling, access control and video systems, and monitoring of the technical infrastructure. In addition, ST Division was responsible for the management of general services related to buildings and buildings facilities, such as heating, air conditioning and low-voltage electrical systems, cleaning and green area maintenance.

A. Scaramelli
In 2004 Technical Support (ST) Division and Engineering Support and Technologies merged to form the Technical Support Department.
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