Administration Division (ADM), 1955 - 1963

J. Richemond

Following CERN's creation, ADM division was set up to organize its internal administration, centralizing finance, personnel and purchasing services and also other services dealing with arrangements for Council Sessions and Committees, external relations, etc...

The division organized the internal administration of CERN, drew up the internal financial regulations, completed the provisional Staff Rules and Regulations, established salary scales, defined methods for recruiting staff, lay down general conditions of contract for regulating supplies, and so on.

The Division negotiated the Headquarters Agreement with the Swiss Federal Council, and an agreement for supplying water and electricity to the laboratory with the Public Works Department of the Canton and Republic of Geneva. The division developed to coordinate the administrative work of all divisions, take part in the organization of common services, and coordinate all purchases.

In 1961, finance functions were transferred to the newly-created Finance Division. The remaining Administrative Division was reorganized into three services: Administrative, Personnel and Purchasing, plus the Public Information Office.

In 1962, the Fire Services, First Aid and Site Security sections moved from Site & Buildings (SB) division to Administration (ADM) division. 

S. A. Dakin
G. H. Hampton

In 1964 Administration Division was discontinued and the Administrative Service, Training and Education Section and Personnel Service moved to the newly created Personnel Division while Purchasing Office moved to Finance Division and Translation and Minutes Services and Public Information Office to the Central Services (CS) .

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