Site and Buildings Division (SB), 1954 - 1965. Technical Services and Buildings Division (SB), 1966 - 1985

P. Preiswerk

In 1954 the Site and Buildings (SB) Division was set up along with other divisions, and was staffed by members who had formely been attached to the Laboratory Group.

It was responsible for the construction and fitting out of all buildings, for organizing the move to Meyrin, and for running the common services including the power station, the water system, the distributio n of electricity, the heating, the compressed air installation, and general maintenance services. It was also responsible of the transport, the canteen, and the cleaning services.

In 1957 the management of the main CERN workshop was transfered from the Scientific and Technical Services (STS) division, and the Fire Services, First Aid and Site Security Groups were created in SB division. These 3 sections became a sub-section of the Administrative Services Group of the Administration (ADM) division, and from 1964 they were transferred to a General Services Group attached to the Directorate. In 1966 they returned in SB dision.

In 1965 under a programme of centralization, the electronics store was transferred from NP Division to SB Division.

From 1966 until 1975, the SB Division together with Personnel and Finance Divisions, the Health Physics and General Safety Groups, the Public Information Office, the General Services and the Translation and Minutes Service were brought together in the Administration Department.

F. A. R. Webb
C. Mallet
P. Tirion
H. Laporte
G. Drouet
In 1986 SB Division was renamed Technical Support Division (known as ST, derived from the initials of the French title of the division: Soutien Technique).
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