Data Handling Division (DD), 1961 - 1989

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L. Kowarski

In 1961 Scientific and Technical Services (STS) Division was renamed Data Handling (DD) Division. It continued all functions except the Health Physics Group which moved to a new unit. Lew Kowarski remained as leader. The mandate of DD division included :

  • development, construction and operation of data handling equipment (including picture evaluation machines)
  • computers and programming
  • co-operation with Track Chamber (TC) division in the experimental programme
  • scientific information

In 1966 the Council approved proposals by the Director-General for a reorganization of the structure of CERN and seven new departments were formed by regrouping the existing divisions. The DD Division was integrated into the Applied Physics Department placed under the direction of Mervyn G. N. Hine.

In 1982 the Scientific Information Services (SIS) and the Publications group are detached from the DD to the newly created Documentation Department (DOC).

In 1987 two new groups were attached: the Telephone, Telex and Telefax Services (from Personnel PE Division) and the Management Information System unit (MIS) which contained the new Office Computing Systems group (OCS) and the existing Administrative Processing group (ADP from Office and Services of the Director of Administration).

In 1988 the Advanced Computing group (AC) is attached to the DD Division.

G. R. Macleod
P. Zanella
D. O. Williams
In 1990 End of the DD Division and continuation of the same functions as the Computing & Networks Division (CN).
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