Scientific and Technical Services Division (STS), 1955 - 1960

L. Kowarski

The Scientific and Technical Services division (STS) was the direct successor to the Laboratory group of the interim Organization. This group originally had the responsibility for starting construction and for administration. These responsibilities were transferred on October 1954 to two new divisions: the Site and Buildings (SB) Division and the Administration (ADM) Division for the purpose of preparing design studies for possible new projects.

In 1955 STS became responsible for four sections : Electronics, Design and Workshop, Track Chambers and K-meson Experiments, and Scientific Information Service

In 1957 the STS Division became more involved in the devolpment of new experimental techniques, and the bubble chamber staff, some of whom had been part of the Synchro-Cyclotron Division, were concentrated in the STS Division. Some other activities were transferred to other divisions (Main Mechanical Workshop to the Site and Buildings Division; Electronics Workshop to the SC Division). Apart from the two main spheres of development, experimental techniques (liquid hydrogen chambers and electronic evaluation of track photographs) and their general basic techniques (gas liquefaction and electronic computation respectively), the division started a health physics section and continued to administer the Scientific Information Service and the Cosmic Ray research Group.

Scientific and Technical Service Division was renamed Data Handling (DD) Division, still directed by Lew Kowarski. It continued its functions except the Health Physics Group which became a new unit.
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