Technology Department (TE), 2009 - Present

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F. Bordry

In 2009 the CERN Management adoptes a new organizational structure.

The Accelerators & Beams (AB) and Accelerator Technology (AT) departments, as well as some groups from Technical Services (TS) Department, were grouped into the Accelerators and Technology Sector. This Sector was re-organised into three departments:

The TE Department is reponsible for technologies which are specific to existing particle accelerators, facilities and future projects.

The main domains of activities cover : magnets (superconducting, normal conducting, fast pulsed magnets, electrostatics and magnetic septa), their machine integration and protection, power converters, cryogenics, vacuum systems, coatings and surface treatments.

The TE Department is reponsible for injection and extraction systems in the entire accelerator complex for beam transfer lines (conception, commissioning, performance follow-up) between accelerators and primary beam lines up to targets.

The TE provides support to the experimental detectors, mainly for cryogenics vacuum, coatings, surface treatments and power converters.

The dominating part of the activities for the next years is the exploitation of the LHC complex and its upgrades.

The TE Department is responsible to contribute to design studies and to design equipments and systems where necessary for consolidations, upgrades and future CERN projects.

The TE is responsible to guarantee permanence of expertise, follow the state-of-the-art and to develop knowledge in the particle accelerator technology fields.

The TE Groups are :

  • Accelerator Beam Transfer (ABT)
  • Cryogenics (CRG)
  • Electrical power Converter (EPC)
  • Machine protection and Electrical Integrity (MPE)
  • Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats (MSC)
  • Resources Planning and Administration (RPA)
  • Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings (VSC)

In 2016 with the appointment of a new Director-General, the CERN management reorganised some sectors. The Technology Department structure remained unchanged and part of the Accelerators and Technology Sector.

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