Health and Safety Division (HS), 1975 - 1982

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The Health & Safety division was created in 1975 to regroup several sections formed since 1957.

Health Physics (HP) group, 1957-1974 – Radiation protection (RP) group, 1971-1975
B. Wheatly

In 1957 the first Health Physics Section was formed within the Scientific and Technical Services (STS) division. Its role was to protect the staff against radiation.

In 1961 HP group became a new unit attached to the directorate.

from 1966 to 1974, HP group and General Safety (GS) Group were attached to the Director of the Administration Department, R. Hampton.

From 1971 to 1974, CERN was divided into two administrative units: Laboratory I (Meyrin Site) and laboratory II (Prevessin Site). J. Baarli remained leader of the HP group for the Laboratory I. A second group, Radiation (Protection) leaded by K. Goebel was created and reported to the Director-General of the laboratory II, J.B. Adams.

J. Baarli
J. Baarli: HP Group of Lab I
K Goebel: RA Group of Lab II


Safety Committee, 1956-1960 – General Safety Group (GS), 1961-1974
F. A. R. Webb

In 1956 a Safety Committee was formed by the first Director-General C. J. Bakker. The committee consisted of a nominated member from each division under the chairmanship of F. A. R. Webb of the Site and Buildings division (SB).

In 1961 responsibility for general safety was transferred to the Directorate. A. H. Pietersen became the leader of the General Safety (GS) group.

From 1966 to 1974, GS group and Health Physics (HP) group were attached to the Director of the Administration Department, R Hampton.

A. H. Pietersen


Medical Service, 1957-1974

From 1957 to 1964, CERN's workers were supervised by an external medical consultant detached to CERN in the Health Physics group.

In 1965 Doctor Diss was appointed and a section called Industrial Medicine was created within the Personnel division.

In 1966 PE division was attached to the Administration Department.

Doctor Diss


Fire Services, First Aid and Site Security, 1957-1974

In 1957 the fire service, first aid and site security sections were created in the Site & Buildings (SB) division.

In 1962, these sections became a sub-section of the administrative services group of the Administration (ADM) division.

In 1964 the Administration (ADM) division was discontinued. The fire service, first aid and site security was transferred to a General Services group attached to the directorate.

From 1966 to 1974, General Services were part of the Technical Services & Buildings division (SB) in the Administration department.



Health & Safey Division
A. Herz

In 1975 the CERN Council approved the establishment of the Health and Safety Division (HS) in the Administration Department. The HS Division consisted of the following Groups:

  • Health Physics
  • General Safety
  • Medical Service, from Personnel (PE) Division
  • General Services: Site Security Service (Fire-Brigade and Security Guards), the Conference Room Technicians and Gardening Staff.

It thus contained all services which were concerned with the maintenance, protection and promotion of health and with the safety of people and equipment. In particular, its activities comprised radiation protection, control of radioactive materials and disposal of radioactive waste, industrial safety, control of hazardous chemicals, occupational medicine (including routine medical supervision of workers exposed to radiation and hazardous substances), emergency medical assistance, the fire brigade and general emergency, rescue and ambulance services, and training and information in the field of safety and health at work.

In 1978 the name of the Division was changed in French from "Santé et Sécurite" to Hygiène et Sécurite".

1980 saw many changes in General Services. The conference room technicians section moved to Data Handling (DD) Division and the Gardening Staff to the Site and Building (SB) Division whilst the Emergency and Site Security Services remained in the HS division.

In 1982 the HS Division became a Department integrated into Administration Unit

In 1983 the HS Department was renamed Technical Inspection and Safety Commission (TIS), reporting directly to the Director General.
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